Chestnut Aroma Mao Feng

I heard about Huang Shan Mao Fengs having a chestnut aroma last winter but had never tasted one. Then by total chance I happened to meet a man who handmade Mao Feng with the chestnut aroma and it is fantastic.

The mouth feel is picture perfect Mao Feng texture. Light and refreshing, but deep. The chestnut is soft and compliments the tea beautifully.
This is the perfect Mao Feng for anyone who has never tried real Huang Shan Mao Feng or who is already a big fan.

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Just read this; very well put :)

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Lumpkin said

Huangshan Maofeng: One of the top ten famous tea in China, is a kind of green tea. The tea is originated from Huangshan, Anhui province, where climate is mild, the number of rainfall is abundant and the soil texture is great, so there is very suitable for the growth of tea tree. As for Huangshan Maofeng tea, the technology of picking tea-tea leaves and drying tea is very delicate, purely manual making. In fact, the tea appearance present small and has a little intertangaling, cords fatness, and tea heart like sparrow’s tongue. After brewing, the tea leaves present limpid blue light, tea water taste glycol, and the aroma smelling like orchid, lasting long times. Due to the new drying tea leaves with pekoe, the tea buds are also very different, and the fresh leaves are all picked from Huangshan Mountain Peak, hence its named Huangshan Maofeng tea. The tea is the curiosa in green tea, which through four working procedure: editing, rolling drying and baking. As we all know that the efficacy of Huangshan Maofeng are very rich, not only for one’s body, also for health care.
I have tried Huangshan Maofeng in this shop, Tastes good, you can also try it.

I’m going to be honest here. I can tell by looking at the leaves that that tea isn’t that good and uses more machine than hand in its making.
I can tell by how straight the leaves are. In handmaing and semi handmaking Mao Feng the leaves take on a bit of a curl and are very close to the bud. In that tea the leaves are very straight and stick away from the bud. This is the result of a common machine that is used in the area in which the leaves are put into channels and bounced back and forth to turn them. In the bouncing they take on that straight look.
I would guess your the is from the outer regions of Huang Shan like She Xian.
Anyone who understands Mao Feng would reconize the tea as a masproduced tea.

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