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Where to buy tea online

Hello guys,
I am new here. I was encouraged by my microbiologyst/doctor to drink green tea for health. The first time I did I thought it was really bad and someone said: “So many people drink green tea so it cant be bad. You just havent found a good one”. So I found this website:). I came back from a trip to Paris and London and bought some tea… My question is, where do you guys buy tea online? It seems that almost all the top rated teas are hard to get. As for my trip, I was in Paris and went to the Theodore shop where this really nice lady let me smell/ taste tea from all containers for an hour. I also went to london and found the T2 shop and Fortnum and Mason shop. As I am new to tea, this was the best I could do but now I have a lot of good tea…It would be nice to have a feature on this site where besides the name and review people could add a link to an online shop or a local shop….Have a nice week ahead.

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Ask Teavivre.com about some samples of their green teas! You can’t go wrong with those.

YuNow said

check vendors in your country. Shipping from China or Japan can be expensive for only 50g of tea. I believe you have tried google with keywords " buy green tea online " from JP or China, Yunnan…etc.

ashmanra said

Teavivre! When you first sign on you can usually get five free samples. If you don’t get the ad for it because of havign already looked before, just use private browsing. Verdant has a great $5 samples offer but it isn’t all green tea. Harney and Sons sells sample sizes cheaply and always has free shipping. Remember most good greens and other teas can be steeped again, making them even more economical.

mrmopar said

Mandala has some nice US based teas.

ashmanra said

I second that!

When you say the green tea you tried was really bad, what didn’t you like about the ones you tried? Some greens taste like fresh grass, some hay, others like seaweed or asparagus or green bean/ green pea water. I don’t care much for umami flavors and not crazy about some vegetal notes. With oolongs, blacks, and pu’ers I’m a purist, but with greens I’ll often do what I can to kill vegetal notes and that includes adding lemon and/or sweetener. If those vegetal/umami flavors are your objections to the green teas, you might try cold brewing them overnight in the fridge and adding a little lemon or lime. Now is a good time to order greens as they are coming in fresh from many vendors. As others have mentioned, I’ve had good luck with greens from TeaVivre and Yunnan Sourcing’s US site (they also have a China-based site) has some newly arrived greens that will ship quickly without the wait from China. Good luck on your green tea adventure.

Lumpkin said

I bought their green tea and black tea at UMITEASETS before, I feel pretty good. They also sent other sample teas for me to taste.

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