Heavy Table Food Magazine Quotes Steepsterites on Verdant Tea Profile

Hey Steepster,
Head editor of the Heavy Table Magazine J.R. Norton just published a recent interview with me on contemporary tea culture, stories from the tea fields, and my motivations for starting Verdant Tea. In describing our teas, he actually quotes a few Steepster reviewers words on the Laoshan Black. I have to say- you guys have made that tea famous. Your support means so much to me. Thank you!

Here is the full article: http://heavytable.com/david-duckler-of-verdant-tea-in-minneapolis/

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Sil select said

That’s awesome to hear! Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations!

Thanks! I am printing a copy of the article to send to the He family in Laoshan, along with all the great Steepster reviews translated into Chinese. Should be a fun care package to get.

Sil select said

I’m sure they will love that!

That’s a wonderful article and your comment about the care package just made me tear up, congrats!

Awesome article, thank you for sharing this with us! I’m glad that you’re sharing this with the He family too, I would love to see their reaction to the package!

Aww, thanks. I think that they will frame it and put it on their wall. Tea farmers, especially in Laoshan are very proud. They will want to show guests that they are known and endorsed around the world. It makes them so happy to be sharing on this level.

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Azzrian said

Wow that is awesome congrats!!!!

Thanks Azzrian. We are so happy to get the exposure, and hopefully the chance to introduce more people to tea culture because of it.

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Bonnie said

Wonderful article! I know the He family will be thrilled also!
Congratulations and I know this is one with many to follow.

Thanks Bonnie! They certainly will. I am sending Weiwei the electronic version today.

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momo said

What a great article! Congratulations on it, the pictures are so gorgeous I could almost just make tea from them!

I was super pleased with the pictures too. They brought a professional photographer to the interview, and she got some great color. Thanks for the congrats!

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Congratulations!! This is an excellent article. I’m glad they love your stories and tea as much as we do. Hopefully this will get more local Twin Cities’ folks to realize what they have right here at home.

I hope so! I would love to see more tea culture locally. I just hosted a little tasting today for a lot of people who had never had Chinese tea before. They loved the Laoshan Green, and they loved Pu’er. Surprising! Thanks for the congratulations.

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mrmopar said

david excellent job!! best of wishes!

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Angrboda said

They read my post! flail That makes me mad giddy and proud. :D

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Nik select said

“like” =)

@Angrboda: “flail” – lol. I laugh because of the mental image. That is exactly what I did when one of my omg-I-don’t-get-starstruck-but-omg-it’s-HER-omg people favourited one of my tweets.

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