Teakettles with digital temp display

Hi! I am looking to purchase a new electric teakettle with specific features. For many years I’ve used the Pino Digital Kettle Pro, which is now discontinued.
What I liked about it was that I could manually set whatever temperature I chose (I wasn’t limited to 5-6 preset temps) and, most importantly, that it boiled the water first, before going down to the lower temperature. And that it had a digital readout of the water’s current temperature, so I could keep an eye on it and take the kettle off the base at the appropriate time to pour cups of tea at varying temperatures (I like to brew three cups of tea for myself at a time — black, green and oolong, so it’s useful to have the digital temp readout and not be locked into one setting).
Does anyone know of any other electric kettle with these capabilities — namely, that it boils the water first (e.g., it doesn’t just heat the water to 140 if you’ve got it set for 140) and that it has a digital temperature readout? I’ve searched all over and can’t seem to find one with these features. Thank you!

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