Chef8489 said

Tea to help sinus infection?

So I have a pretty bad sinus infection now. I am wondering what teas in your opinion will help out with congestion and revealing the sinus pressure and pain.

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I use our Winter Fire guayusa when I have a sinus infection. It has chilli peppers and cayenne in it. You could add those spices to any tea. I alternate putting my face over it and breathing in and sipping. I get a lot of sinus infections and I find the best thing to get rid of them is the nettie pot and colloidal silver. I use the nettie pot first to clear stuff out and then several drops of colloidal silver in each nostril. If you have a bad sinus infection, the coloidal silver will burn bad but its worth it. In the meantime a few advils help relieve the pressure.

I second Nettie pot/ sinus rinse – it’s the wackiest feeling (like drowning, but not) but feels amazing with the whole sinus tract clear!

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I get sinus infections once in awhile, totally sucks!

If you don’t have a sinus rinse/ nettie pot, I’d fill up a big bowl or sink with hot water, put a towel on your head and inhale the vapours for 5 mins + (gives you a great facial steam too!)
That’ll loosen up the sinuses. When I’ve gone to a doctor, they’ll tell me to that (or use sinus rinse). After that, they might give me nasal spray.

For tea, I go with a strong mint or ultra spicy.

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TwoDog2 said

I’m not a doctor. But, you should probably go to a doctor.

Tea is great and all, but sinus infections are can get serious is untreated. After the doc visit, any hot beverage with steam ought to help clear you out a bit. Or eat spicy foods, and then drink hot beverages. You could steep raw ginger, to have a hot temperature/spicy combo.

Zoltar said

true. real infection do NEED medication to heal other thing can help but it’s not gonna heal it ( that word from my doctor i’ve seen 4 day ago because i have a sinus infection right now ) and sinus infection can get deadly if untreated for really long time so if you are sure it’s really a sinusitis or something like that go to you doctor for a treatment

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I haven’t had a sinus infection in years, but an old cure for me was sucking on garlic cloves (if you’re really gutsy, you can run thread through thin cloves & stick them in your nostrils…it does work).

Also (more for avoiding illness, but also nice while you’re suffering) simmer astragulus & ginger root for 5 or so minutes, turn off heat & add a slice of lemon, a little honey if you like, & some lemon balm. Cover for a few minutes & enjoy.

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oh, & use the neti pot!

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Alphakitty said

I really love Rishi’s Pu-erh Ginger when I am sick, clears my sinuses right up! Especially with honey and lemon.

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Bonnie said

Use the Nettie Pot or squeeze bottle Nettie, but you HAVE TO USE
DISTILLED WATER or you could get a nose bleed!!!!!
This really works and is effective for people who have allergies as well as infections.

I would go to the doctor though. I kept having trouble and what I had wasn’t sinus infections at all but sinus migraines. They act and feel just like a sinus infection and never seemed to go away.
It was really bad in California because in the Winter, every time it rained I got the sinus symptoms. (In Colorado it almost never rains) …so, you could have allergies, an infection or something else.
Saline spray is good to use to prevent infections. Keeps the PH healthy in the nose/sinus.

Mint, ginger, are usually aromatic and comforting when your are not well and soothing to the stomach as well.

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Get well, get well soon, we wish you to get well!

Seriously. Don’t stress about sending your end of our exchange while you’re ill.

Chef8489 said

its in mail. Hope you enjoy.

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Erika M. said

Well last year when I had a sinus infection I drank H&S hot cinnamon sunset. I think I might have drank chamomile tea as well. Not sure if it was wise but it gave me the burst of energy and spice that I needed in the morning to get ready for my daily 8am classes during that semester. Having a sinus infection was completely awful and I would have felt so much better if I would have realized sooner what it was. I thought I had a really bad cold for about two weeks. I was completely miserable.
So I highly recommend seeing a doctor and finding out exactly what it is/what antibiotics you will need. It can become very serious. Tea can be very soothing however treating it properly is vital,as it can develop into something more serious. I hope that you get well soon!

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Spot52 select said

Rooibos helps open me up some.
+1 on the neti. I am a chronic sufferer, and the neti helps me out a lot. I use iodized salt; it helps kill the infection. It is much better than always having to rely on anti-biotics. Of course, there are times that the doctor visit is the best call.

You can neti and take antibiotics. You can also reduce sugar and dairy while infected. It keeps your mucous production down.

Good Luck!

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