Ed Fladung said

Help and thoughts on brewing Matcha

I’ve only recently started to try brewing Matcha tea. I would appreciate any thoughts and experience that you have with brewing this tea. On the one hand there seems to be a traditional Japanese Matcha brewing tradition as well as a more modern evolving tradition using flavored Matchas. I would love to hear from anyone who as any experience with either of these ways of appreciating Matcha.

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mrmopar said

hi ed try azzrian she has a lot of notes and experience with matcha.i think she can help….but it is pu-erh let me know so i can help.

Ed Fladung said

Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I have tried Pu-erh a number of times but clearly I haven’t found a really good grade. I usually get it in China town and I think I brew it too long.

mrmopar said

i have had good luck with the menghai tea factory on pu-erhs bonnie has reviewed a couple her tasting notes are much better than mine.i have a menghai smooth as jade that is a really good tea. i found a seller on ebay berylleb that offers samples or whole cakes and the shipping from china is really fast. pick a couple of mine out and message me your address i will send you some out. another favorite is garret with mandala tea. awesome customer service great teas and fast shipping and he is from the usa. check him out you will not be disappointed with his operation. very sound.

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Azzrian said

Hey hey I know nothing of the traditional method whatsoever but I know how to make matcha LOL
The flavored matcha are from Red Leaf Tea – they are excellent! They also have a FREE Matcha program which is easy to find on their site.
Its a review based free matcha program.

They have every flavor imaginable and more coming soon as well!

As for making matcha there are matcha tools you can get but are not absolutely necessary.
Sifting the matcha is the most necessary thing to get lumps out.
A true matcha whisk would be the one item I would purchase but the sifter you can get at the dollar store.
A scoop can be a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon (heaping not level) give or take depending on how thick you want to make your matcha but then again how much water you add lends to that as well.
Sometimes I make mine thicker depending on if I am having it straight or making a matcha latte as I usually do with a splash of creamer, some milk (about a half cup), and ice plus the matcha mix.
You put your powder in a bowl – there are traditional bowls but any bowl will do.
You whisk your matcha to make a foam I don’t worry too much about how much foam I get but I notice the thicker the matcha (less water) the more foam I get.
Once it is mixed you drink it :)
You can use any whisk but I do prefer the traditional one myself.
Let me know what other info you may need but by no means am I the most experienced on here when it comes to matcha … I just talk a lot :)

darby select said

But we LOVE it when you talk and help us out so don’t stop! Just got my RedLeaf order due to you.

Ed Fladung said

Thanks, Azzrian. I will definitely check out your source. I never seem to be able to get the Matcha foamy. I’m probably using too much water initially. I tried some yesterday afternoon, no foam, but there was a lot of undissolved Matcha at the bottom of the bowl when I was done.

Azzrian said

Awwee thank you Darby!!
Ed … start with putting just a small amount of water in the bowl and get the matcha stirred up in that – to make a paste then add the rest of your water. See if that helps.

Uniquity said

The first few times I made ti I had no foam either, but I was definitely using too much water. The paste really helped, but I also had to up the amount of matcha used. There was some very vigorous whisking involved too! : )

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