Babble said

Best Matcha Recipe for a Newbie?

I have some delicious Caramel Matcha and I would love to try my hand at baking or cooking with it. I was thinking of putting it into cookies, since that seems easy enough and would be very easy to share. Does anyone have any good matcha recipes. They don’t have to be cookies. A few guidelines though:

1) I’m not a cook, so make sure they’re fairly easy to follow.
2) I try not to make things too sweet if I can help it, since too much sugar gives me a stomach ache.

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Uniquity said

I have NOT experimented with it, but if you have the Caramel matcha from Red Leaf Tea, I felt that it would work well in a cookie receipe (maybe sugar cookies?). I would either just add the matcha OR substitute some of the matcha for sugar if you want to reduce the sweetness. Aisling of Tea and Daisy Chubb both do a lot of baking I’ve noticed, hopefully they will pop up!

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Alphakitty said

If you have access to the right kind of flour, you can’t beat mochi cake!

Matcha ice pops are fun and easy as well, you just need a mold though you can always wing it with an ice cube tray & toothpicks for mini pops.

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Babble said

I was actually considering using premade cookie dough. Think I could mix this with matcha, or would that be too difficult?

Uniquity said

It might be difficult to get it spread throughout, but it’s worth a shot!

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momo said

I don’t think you’d be able to get matcha to mix into premade dough very well. Maybe if you let it get warm and had a stand mixer to mix it in, it might work but I don’t think you’d get it to mix evenly in there. Here are some easy things I’ve come across:

Matcha Rice Krispie Treats:
Matcha Cupcakes:
Matcha Pancakes:
Matcha Muffins:
Matcha Castella (mirin is rice wine, pretty common in the Asian food aisle now I think):

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