Tea Changing the Smell of Urine

Has anyone noticed a change in urine smell after drinking a particular tea? Yes, yes I know I come up with odd topics. Maybe I should be nominated in the yearbook for most bizarre posts. lol
Anyway, I noticed a change in urine smell somewhat like what you get after asparagus. It was after drinking a honeybush tea today.
LOL my co-workers are laughing their butts off at me right now. I can’t help it. I work in a hospital. We are weird.

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Nicole said

You are just Miss Biological. :)

I haven’t noticed, really, but I tend to drink mostly blacks. I can see where the herbals might have an effect though. If I noticed the asparagus effect I’d have to think about not drinking as much of the tea. That is a gnarly side effect of asparagus!

It was not as strong as asparagus but it was noticable.

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Zoltar said

it does happen to me after drinking genmaicha ( it may come from the fact that i drink lot of it ) i was sure it was in my head

Oh my gosh. Thank god I am not the only odd ball. Haha

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I don’t think I’ve ever stopped drinking tea long enough to notice a difference.

I drink a variety of things so my urine is always changing.

I really only drink water, tea, and fresh juice that I’ve juiced myself (except for the occasion alcoholic beverage) but I drink so much tea that I’m sure that tea is pretty much always in my system.

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leafyq said

Eh…probably? I notice a definite change when I have even a little coffee, so I assume tea makes a change as well. I haven’t noticed that one, though.

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Ok, so I challenge you to pee sniffing assignment – in the name of science of course. And it should be your own pee, because well, any thing else would just be weird. ;0)

I want your reports written in APA style, cover sheet included, and sources correctly sited. Heehee

Zoltar said

sniffing your own pee is still weird but at least no one see it :P

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Bonnie said

Yes…but the interesting part might be to break it down as to
1. was it organic
2. artificial flavors or not
3. did you eat anything with it acids and alkaline reactions, fermenting stuff in your stomach before going to your bile duct.

And, if you’ve only had a little tea and not enough WATER anything will smell stronger!

Hey! There’s lots of water in tea. :P

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Not sure about tea, but I definitely notice the smell difference when I have coffee and tuna. And of course, asparagus.

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WtFGoD said

some questionable topics on steeper lately…
maybe we need to give people psych tests on signup…

Zoltar said

questionable topics yes but still tea related even if weird. psych test to new member ok but not to people already member i want to stay here

Questionable? Such is the spice of life!! We cannot all be cut from the same cloth. I like to think I broke the loom. ;o)

Zoltar said

You did ! 20 answer for a post on urine and probably more reading it’s a subject that people read because i’m sure we are not the only 2 that experience that lol You just have been the one courageous enough to ask the question :P

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tears of joy I thought i was the only one! YES!!!! Especially if it is REEEEALLY bitter tea, like Laomane green puerh

TY for being brave enough to post this

You are welcome.

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teawade said

hahah interesting topic. I’ve never noticed a change but I could see certain teas changing the smell of urine. Is that a good thing?

It is as Bonnie mentioned, probably depends on what was in it. Asparagus changes the the smell and it is not bad for you. No worries.

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