Bird and Blend SUMMER vote back teas!!!

I’m not associated with Bird and Blend, other than being a huge fan, especially of their JELLY AND ICE CREAM tea! And it just so happens it is one of the vote back teas! Please vote for whichever tea you choose (especially if it will be Jelly and Ice Cream) so it can be in the permanent collection. Jelly & Ice Cream is one of my essential blends! I’m not sure if this link will work for everyone:

Vote ends soon! Thanks for reading

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None of the vote back teas this year are ones that I’m a big fan of, so cast a vote for Jelly & Ice Cream for you :) I’ll cross my fingers that it wins and you get a chance to stock up!

THANKS Roswell! I made sure to stock up before on Jelly + Ice Cream BUT I would love the option to stock up whenever I wanted in the future! haha

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I’m fairly certain it’s only for the summer, and not forever. Not to make you super sad. They did a vote back like this in the spring too and the Purple Rain was one of the “voted back” for the Spring Collection, and I’m fairly certain it will be “rotated out” for the Summer Collection.

Why thanks, you did make me sad. haha. BUT I sent B&B an e-mail to ask.

Oh goodie goodie… I sent an e-mail asking: Will the vote in winner be back on the tea wall for the summer, a year or permanently?
and they replied with this:
“Yes, well whichever tea wins will then be on the shelf permanently!! Exciting stuff!”

Well, that’s good news, then!

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NOOOOO I can cry now because Butter Brew won. Ick. Steepster reviews seem to agree. Butter Brew is by far the less unique blend if you compare it to Jelly + Ice Cream. Now I fear there will never be another chance to see it back. Thanks to everyone who helped me vote anyway.

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