What's your favorite way to brew tea?

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I would be really interested to see pictures of your setups? I think it would be interesting to compare

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I just bought the teal asian style tea cup from David’s Tea. It’s my first time letting tea steep with a lid on it and I’m amazed at the difference in taste I’m getting!

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I love using my gaiwans or yixings when I have time. Lately, I have also been using a glass thermos and putting leaves in the large part to watch them brew. Then putting a strainer in so when I sip the tea the leaves won’t come out. Throughout the day I just add more water when the tea starts to get too strong.

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I have a few different brewing tools, and switch what I use depending on my mood and how much tea I need to brew. I have a ceramic teapot with an infuser basket that I use when making tea for two, a David’s Tea perfect mug for when I’m only wanting a single cup (I don’t use the perfect mug if I plan to resteep the leaves), I have another mug that I use for oolongs because I can leave the leaves in the mug until I’ve tapped them of their oolong goodness, I have a couple different IngenuiTEA style steepers (the kind that you brew the tea in it, then put it on top of the mug and the tea strains into it through the bottom valve) that I use when making tea that I intend to ice/resteep a few times (except for oolongs). And finally I have a french press that I like for making one large batch of tea (it’s a 1L press) such as when I go to my night job, or have a full day at the barn, because I only need to do two batches of tea to fill my giant thermos and then I have tea all day (or night) haha!

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JasonCT said

Kettle, teapot (2 -10 cups depending need), mug and enjoy :)

I do cheat sometime if I’m in a rush and use those Rishi fill-your-own tea bags you can get at Whole Foods. But, that’s only for the days where I’m rushed.

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I have a couple ways, but I typically stick with a brew basket with my Italian mug (it’s 10 oz). Sometimes I use a perfect tea infuser (especially for oolongs). Once in a great while I will brew a pot of tea or brew gaiwan style, but those two are kind of rare for me, I have to have the time, patience, and be in the mood.

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momo said

This is pretty much all the things I use http://i.imgur.com/nMDYH.jpg I didn’t take pictures of my typical mugs where I just stick a Finum infuser in but that’s everything else.

Alphakitty said

That panda gaiwan is AMAZING. I love all your teaware!

I love the panda theme!

momo said

Thank you both! I’ve started getting a bunch of owl mugs too since they’re also super cute. I have three and I’m hoping not to run into any more cute ones, but it’s not working.

Dinosara said

I found a huge cache of owl mugs at TJ Maxx not that long ago… it was so difficult not to buy them all!

momo said

haha yep, Marshalls is where I have picked up three more. I should say there are four, but I decided to keep one at my boyfriend’s. It’s the only one that just has owls on it, and isn’t shaped like one.

Uniquity said

There have been some really cute ones at the Chapters near my work that I keep trying to resist. I don’t need any more teaware, I don’t need any more teaware

Yes the owl shaped teaware. I have been resisting them for quite a while now since I saw Stash tea had them in their catalog about a year ago. I keep seeing them on Amazon too as well…I do want, but I do not need, but they are too cute! Maybe I’ll ask for them for Christmas…

CupofTree said

oohs nice Amanda! I love all things with owls, I was eyeing that owl cup from Teavana too. there really is a ton of cute owl teaware out there. love panda bears too

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It depends on the tea.

Sometimes I use a glass mug with metal infuser.

Sometimes I may a big tetsubin pot full.

Sometimes I go with a gong fu style of brewing.

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Ysaurella said

I use my kettle Rivera & Bar which permits to select 6 different temperatures (http://www.riviera-et-bar.fr/bouilloire-inox-658-226.html). It is perfect for tea.
Then I use an infuser directly in mug.

At work, I have an horrible kettle only able to boil water and a tea ball.

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Roland said

I generally use a gaiwan or Yixing teapot for Chinese teas, and either an infuser or large teapot for Indian teas. I’ve also tried using a syphon coffee maker (I.e. http://vimeo.com/8977253 ) – it brewed nicely, but was no better than the other brew methods for a lot more effort!

Raritea said

Very interesting video! Thank you for sharing :)

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