Do you like Jasmine Tea?

In one of our blog posts we talk all about how jasmine green tea is made and what makes it so special. Here it is:

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Last night as I enjoyed a pot of Jasmine tea in my favorite Chinese restaurant. I got talking to the chef and he said that Jasmine tea is good for the digestion. I did my own search and this is what I found:

Lumpkin said

I like the special fragrance of jasmine. I also read about jasmine on a blog. I can share it with everyone.

I just read your post while sipping Green tea.

Ubacat said

Jasmine pearls are one of the staples in my tea cabinet I hate to be without. I also love Jasmine White Peony & Jasmine Jin Xuan Oolong. I’ve never tried a Jasmine black tea. Must give that one a try sometimes.

Jasmine (from the flowers and not the artificial scented) is so relaxing and puts me in a good mood.

Oolong has a taste more akin to “green tea”.


LuckyMe said

Jasmine is very nostalgic for me…I’ve been drinking it ever since I discovered tea. But these days I reach for it less frequently. There are other flower scented teas that are more interesting like osmanthus and orange blossom.

I love osmanthus as well! Never had orange blossom tea, however.

LuckyMe said

There’s actually two varieties that come from Taiwan. Pomelo flower scented oolong has a really delightful floral taste. Kind of like a cross between jasmine and orange blossom water. This was an experimental batch at TTC and was one of my all time favorites. Then there’s orange blossom oolong which is much more intense and citrusy. Because it’s so potent I like to blend it with another tea to balance out the flavor.

Oh and another excellent scented tea is magnolia oolong from Murchie’s. This one makes a really nice cold brew.

Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll try to get my hands on these.

I’d also like to purchase a nice Orange Blossom for my friend. Looking for something clean, playful, bright, and not terribly mature.

Looking for some suggestions?

Thank you in advance

marcino said

Jamine is not my favorite but sometimes i like to drik

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