How to remove glue from a tea tin?

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I see you already cleaned your tin.. however I’d really like to post this little known fact in case anyone else has a problem removing glue from tea tins or anything else.

I work at The Home Depot and we sell a product called “Pure Citrus” that is amazing. It is actually an aerosol air freshener, but we use it in the stores to clean all the sticky label grime off the beams and I recommend it to people all the time who need something natural or want something to remove sticky stuff. (We sell Goo-Gone too, but this stuff is 1000% better at removing glues than Goo-Gone)

Anyway, if you can’t find that product anywhere where you are, it is actually just a really concentrated form of citric acid. So you can just buy a lemon or orange and use the raw fresh squeezed juice for the same effect. Soaking the tin in a citric juice mixture would work wonders, but I bet even just squeezing the juice right on it and giving it a scrub would work just as well.

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joeyk said

WD-40 works great. I keep a large can on hand. Sprayed it on, let it sit, rubbed it off, then washed.

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Sare said

I have glue in the bottom of a mug my bf got me for beat last year and I can’t get it out I’ve even tried washing it a number of times blah!

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