It's Clearance Thyme at Keen Tea Thyme

And you know what that means! Score 30% off all items – including my popular Pink Pearls – at Use code CLEARANCE from now until all stock is sold!

Shipping is $6.95 priority, and I do combine shipping but Tea Trade doesn’t. So if you want multiple items, please email me the list and I’ll send you an invoice through paypal. I’ll ship within one business day of payment receipt.

Teas are going fast, but there is still plenty of stock left. Nothing is more than six to eight months old. All holiday blends have been freshly reblended within the past month. This clearance includes several holiday gifts; shop now to check off some recipients on your list, or treat yourself. :)

All orders include free samples – email me to let me know what samples you’d like, either of San Diego Sunshine, Pink Pearls, or one of my custom Adagio blends, or one of each!

Happy Brewing!
[email protected]

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momo said

I was going to buy some things but it wants almost $18 for shipping o_o I’m guessing maybe something is wrong in there where it didn’t differentiate between a base cost and an additional charge per item?

(Also I am going to email you back now because I completely forgot LOL)

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There is an annoying glitch with ordering more than one item with Tea Trade. I will of course combine shipping, although I only use priority.

If you want certain items, just email me the list. I will send you an invoice through paypal. You pay and I ship within one business day. :)

Email me at [email protected] with any questions. :)

(The multi-item shipping issue is one of the many reasons I will be closing my Tea Trade account and selling in my own shop.)

momo said

Ok another email from you is coming your way then! I was just like where does this thing think I live, Antarctica?

It’s definitely not you – it’s Tea Trade! ;)

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I’ll be sending you an email shortly!

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