Irina said

HELP - Tea Scum/Tea Oil

So I’ve recently moved to a new area in a new state and I’ve quickly noticed the tea scum/tea oil that forms on top. From what I’ve read, it seems that this is a result of hard water being used. While I can’t help that, I do use a filtered Brita water pitcher, from which I boil the water to use for my tea. Still, the tea scum/oil persists.

Is it safe to consume this scum/oil? Are there easy ways to eliminate without shelling out hundreds of dollars for reverse osmosis filters?

Any guidance on how to deal with this nuisance is greatly appreciated.

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You could try a different filter in your pitcher, or one you put on your faucet. The best way to get rid of hard water without RO is adding salt. I didn’t notice the hard water in tea, but a filter for a shower head really helped me.

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mrmopar said

Have you thought of doing a wash on the tea like they do in gong fu brewing?

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AJ said

A regular water filter won’t do anything for hard water, neither will an RO unit (in fact hard water ruins them, IIR). You’ll need a water softener or water softening tablets.

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