New Virtual Tea Tastings FREE! #2

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This was great fun, thank you!

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Ellyn select said

Sorry I missed the tasting – was out checking on various elderly family members to make sure that they were all set for the storm.

I really got into the chocolate notes – added a little milk and it was almost like a chocolate bar!

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I completely missed the tasting boo =(

My apartment building lost power today so I wasn’t able to get on my laptop. I do plan to review my samples tomorrow (so long as the power stays on) sorry I missed it!

I was so excited for this too…

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KallieBoo! said

I missed the tasting due to work :( but while I was there I enjoyed the milk chocolate caramel. It reminded me of rolos :) thank you!

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Sorry I missed the tasting!!!! I was out all day shoring up resources for the storm.
I do want to say how awesome the teas were though!
I have been kind of disappointed in flavored teas, but I loved these.
The milk chocolate caramel was amazing. I got a strong flavor of molasses, real true amazing molasses. I love how this one surprised me.
The other tea I tried, the white chocolate, was so pleasantly smoothly just like white chocolate from the flavor to the mouthfeel.
Really, I loved both of them especially since they got me out of my “Oolong!!” rut :)
Thank you again for the opportunity to try them, I will write a full review when I have a moment to do them justice.

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I did post my review of the milk chocolate caramel. I really enjoyed this tea, though I do agree a name tweak may be in order. Yumm!

I’ll be posting my second review later this evening.

Again, so sorry for the delay. Hopefully the power will stay on!

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Nik select said

Oh! I reviewed my second sample, too, I just didn’t update this thread. Thank you, Mrnixonpants, for the reminder.

No problem. Stay safe during the hurricane friend – you’re in my thoughts.

Nik select said

Thank you! Really windy here, now. The light’s flickered a bit but is holding strong. I’m milking every last bit of connectivity I can get. :D

Same here power is out all around me but it’s still going strong at my apartment. My work however, not so lucky.

Hoping the power stays out at work but on at home (and I live right down the street)…wishful thinking?

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