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boychik said

Steven Smith Teamaker
Bourbon Black Tea. Only 75 units of this run will be produced. Perfect for Father’s Day.

Jude said

Sounds so interesting! Wishing they had something smaller than the $39 size. Musing about soaking something (a clean piece of wood?) in bourbon and putting it in a big jar with some tea suspended in some kind of mesh…

boychik said

i dont think i ever tried Bourbon. is it similar to Cognac? you can try to do this experiment, why not. because it is expensive.

Bourbon is a type of whisky, boychik pretty sure it is made from grain where Cognac is made from grapes?

yyz said

Not an expert but I believe that bourbon is a normally a corn based whiskey aged in oak barrels. It usually has these delicious vanilla tones giving it a unique character.

This sounds really good to me actually. I love beers aged in Bourbon Barrels. I have been drooling over an aged puerh done in Bourbon Barrels, too…some day!

MissB said

I’ve yet to try this, however I do have one of the aged Boourbon Barrel puerh’s, and it’s really tasty. Stephanie, I’d be happy to send you some if you want to try it?

Aww MissB you are too sweet! I’m still waiting on ONE more belated birthday package to come in the mail…let me hold off on the chance it might be the puerh we are talking about. Husband knows I’ve been after that one. I’ll let you know though! Thanks!! :D

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The Persimmon Tree – 20% off loose leaf teas & more
Use coupon code: SPECIAL
Promotion ends June 16th


Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepersimmontree

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boychik said

Joseph Wesley
25% off on Classic Chinese
Code saynotobags
They are going to sell this tea only in sachets . Few tins left.
Free ship at $40

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Now through Sunday, 15% off any order of $20 or more on www.zoomdweebies.com

New Peaches & Cream Genmaicha Tea of the week and FIVE new Southern Boy Teas for National Iced Tea Month!

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25% off with code R/TEA

Cwyn said

Nice coupon, in for the loose puerh, sencha and the tieguanyin and those Oslo cups.

Thank you both. We always love to hear from our customers, and hope your shopping experience was a good one. If there’s anything we can do, please don’t hesitate to use the site’s live chat or send us a message.

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Cwyn said

Yunnan Sourcing 10% discount on Menghai Factory Teas, on both the China and US sites, June 14-17 US and June 15-18 China site, enter DAYI10 at checkout.

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DigniTea said

American Tea Room ★ 20% Off All Online Orders through June 23.
Use this Code: SUMMER

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Harney & Sons has a free shipping promotion on orders over $25

June 24-26 using the code SUMMER14

Yep, totally placed an order.
Vanilla Comoro
Birthday Tea
Scottish Morn
RMS Titanic.

Thinking about it… QQ

I have a bunch of samples on the way and I really shouldn’t…

I MAY have been a little influenced by the cute tins.

Oh please, preaching to the choir on that one. I am the worst about being influenced by cute/interesting packaging…

Ost said

Doo itttttt, Cameron B.!!! It’s worth it! H&S is always worth it! :P

Cavocorax said

I love H&S but I wish that when they had free shipping over $25, they offered reduced shipping for International. $10 off? Something?

Totally caved.

I ordered 11 samples which came out to exactly $25. Muahaha!

Ost said

Yes! Good job. :P You’re gonna loveee H&S. ^^ What did ya get?

I got mostly Chinese blacks and Japanese greens, one dragonwell and then Tower of London and Vanilla Comoro. :)

yyz said

I know Cavo, especially as it was something they used to do. Now as internationals and their promotions are only worth looking at if they offer a % off.

Pyroxy select said

This one suckered me in…I restocked my Tower of London and Queen Catherine and picked up a whole batch of samples. :)

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Leaf & Spoon is running a 20% off all tea promotion (Code: STEEPSTER). As always tea orders $35+ ship free!


We posted this in another thread but I wanted to let the community know here as well. Thanks :)

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Garret said

Hey all you tea nuggets out there! Garret here, from Mandala Tea wishing each of you all the joy you can stand. Announcing our 50% off on all of our loose-leaf ripe pu’er teas through 7/2! No coupon or code necessary – just go here and tea it up, friends! http://shopmandalatea.com/sale-items.html

Extending my gratitude to each of you,

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