If you had to choose...

If you had to choose one type tea to drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I don’t necessarily mean one specific tea, but a genre of tea – black, oolong, green, etc.
If you want to get a bit more definitive, you can go into more detail – only Chinese Greens, only teas from Darjeeling.

Take the concept to whatever extent you want, but elaborate!

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Angrboda said

Variety sets!

(Or is that cheating?)

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Cofftea said

Haha yes I do believe that’s cheating Angroboda, but I can’t decide either. Matcha or chai. But I decided that’s ok since matcha isn’t decanted:) Here’s a similar thread people might enjoy:

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For myself, I think it would have to be Oolong. It was my doorway into tea, and it’s always lasted as my favorite. While it has notably less selection and availability than its black and green counterparts, (I think oolong accounts for about 2% of tea produced,) I think it makes up for that with the levels of quality that can, in my opinion, top the tea charts. There’s no tea I’ve had that I could ever compare to the best oolongs I’ve had – I just don’t feel that green, black or white teas have it in them to compete with the nuance, diversity and character of oolongs. (A small note here – Pu Erh would be my close second choice.)

Not only is the tea itself wonderful, the methods of brewing are very interesting. I really like purple clay ware, and I find using and maintaining an yixing teapot is really zen for me. As I’ve been researching lately, and playing with my new pot, I’ve been getting more excited with the influx of practical information I’ve been gaining (as opposed to my more common learning about history, culture, growing habits, etc,) and I actually feel a lot more intimate with all the aspects of my personal tea ceremony when I’m using it.

Oolong, since my beginnings with loose tea, has kept me captivated. I’m rather certain that if I ever start a career dealing with tea (and I truly hope I do, at this point) I would have a major focus on Oolongs – again, Pu Erh might work itself in there as well. While I do enjoy the other aspects of the tea world, it’s always been Oolong that I truly loved. In terms of tea, the Iron Goddess and Oriental Beauty are the women for me.

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SoccerMom said

Black tea would have to be mine. I sure would hate living without my oolongs!

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Black tea, preferably breakfast blends.

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Feisty said

While I’m not sure if I’ve had enough experience with different teas yet to make any sort of informed choice, at the moment I’d have to say chai, black tea masala chai to be more specific. I always enjoy it.

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~lauren. said

So, only one, huh! It would have to be oolong tea. I’ve always had oolong tea, find great comfort with it, it never lets me down. Recently, I’ve been having some really nice teas but I guess I will have to stay with the tried and true.

Oh, so hard to choose because I had this great green today ….!

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Harfatum said

Black tea, by far. If forced to pick one country I’d go with India, probably. Maybe Ceylon. Most of my non-water drinks are black tea anyways!

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I will choose oolong, which as great diversity from greener to blacker styles.

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I didn’t try enough of all the types of teas out there, but I think green will still remain as my fav.

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