Jackers said

Cast Iron Pot?

So I recently received a cast iron pot as a gift and I had a couple questions I was hoping someone could help me with:

1) I get the whole “flavors sink in and your not supposed to wash it thing,” but does that mean I shouldn’t use different kinds of tea in it? I don’t have a super sharp palette or anything so I don’t care if my cups get a little hint from the steep before it, but if it’s going to be something were it totally ruins the taste of my evening green tea cause I had assam that morning then I’ll just pick one kind and stick to it.

2)I guess there are enamels on it so you can’t actually boil water in it, but can I just leave it on the stove on a super low setting to keep already steeped tea warm, or will that mess up my tea/pot?

-also, I feel like the enamel would negate question one, but I guess I’m wrong?

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Pithy said

Dont brew green tea in a cast iron pot! It’s probably the worst thing you could do. Cast iron keeps the water too hot for the lighter teas. And most teas in general. You want something that’s going to dissipate the heat like glass or porcelain.

And who is saying you should not wash cast iron? Tea is very acidic, it’s going to eat through that enamel and rust the pot if you dont clean it out and dry it thoroughly after each use.

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Jackers said

I guess I meant wash with soap. Things I read online said to wash out with water and dry it thoroughly, but don’t use soap cause it will make your tea taste like soap.

Good to know about the green tea though. Does this hold true even if you start the steeping with a lower temperature water?

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Pithy said

It’s going to be very difficult to get anything but over brewed tea. Traditionally cast iron was used to hold hot water and keep it near boiling as tea was being brewed. Now it seems they’re sold with the baskets in them so you can brew tea, but I think it’s mostly a marketing ploy.

I would recommend not using it for brewing any tea, period but if you have one, save it for black tea or just for holding hot water.

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I adore my cast iron pot!

i put warm sink water in the pot, then I boil the water in an electric kettle until it reaches the right temperature then add it to the pot with the leaves

the cast iron keeps the pot warm, so unless you plan on waiting a long time to finish the pot it should be fine without assistance

they do sell little votive candle stands my fiance uses to keep it warmer longer and it hasn’t hurt our pot

i DO NOT boil water in the pot or use more than a small votive candle

I DO NOT wash the pot…when teh tea is doen i rinse it with hot tap water twice and take a swipe with a baby bottle brush in between, but no prolonged scrubbing or soap

i brew white, green, red, black, puerh and other types of tea—the important part is to own a thermometer – the pot should be at the right temperature before adding the tea as it won’t cool quickly, so you can’t do like you would with glass and expect the temperature to bring itself down quickly

wambli said

Poor tea, Does your sink water come straight from a crystal clear spring? Have you seen the inside of a water heater? Nasty stuff comes off it. I used to use tap water than read to use spring or bottle water. Sure made the difference in taste. I say if you are buying good grade tea you should respect it with pure water. Love how it looks in a glass cup too. :-)

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I’ve always washed my teapots, cast irons get a couple of rinses and then dried immediately. The ceramic, china, etc., I wash with soap and water and thoroughly rinse. When I rinse enough there is no soap taste in my tea.

AmazonV, I really like your teapot! The planes make it more architectural than round pots and a nice high handle. Lovely.
Your method described above is how I warm my pots, cast iron or china. But I usually don’t brew an entire pot unless I have company.

I have a wireless kettle that I use only to heat water but it doesn’t have a temp guage—after reading everyone’s ratings, I’ll definitely upgrade.

the teapot was my find of the year at TJmaxx for 19.99! It holds 3 cups (6-8 ounce ones) or 2 mugs (~12ounce) so i drink that fairly easily, and most of the time my fiance is home to share.

A wireless kettle? wow neat! wait…if it doesn’t have a wire it is a stove top pot?

I use a thermometer but my mom has a nice variable water brevelle (which is how i got my brevelle, her hand me down) before that it was a pot on the stove and well – i melted two in one year :(

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I love my cast iron pot – bargain from amazon for around £30 and the fact it keeps my black teas hot is a bonus

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