Need online tea store suggestion!

I’ve been going to Teavana, but after looking at David’s Tea online, and noticing a $5 difference between the same types of teas (even up to $10 differences with Oolongs) I realize that I’ve been spending too much money on tea. So now I would like some advice on online tea sellers that have 1) A wide selection of organic tea and 2) good price. It also doesn’t hurt to have faster delivery times :)

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You’re new-ish to the tea world, right? Adagio is pretty good. They have a fairly large selection and you can buy cheap sample sizes of things (they still make like ten cups). I can send you a referral $5 gift card if you pm me your e-mail.

David’s is pricey too.

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I’m assuming you are in the US?

The Persimmon Tree great sample sizes and loyality points program
Butiki Teas overall amazing
Della Terra lots of good sales, especially holiday/weekend sales.
ESP good selection

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Thank you both! I’m really loving just looking through the Adagio site! I think this will be my new go to site for teas (I still prefer Teavana for the pots, the only part of the store that’s fairly priced)

Kittenna said

Beware, Adagio seems to be VERY hit or miss. I’d definitely advise doing a bit of research on here before making a purchase there. Other than Teavana, I haven’t seen a company with so many teas that are noted as being absolutely terrible (but, there are some great ones too!)

Sil select said

I second Kitenna’s sentiments. Especially if you like black tea shudder that base of theirs kills me.

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WabiSabi78 said

Yunnan sourcing usa is my current favorite(especially for puerh), Rishi Teas, Puerh Shop, Mandala teas, Jas-e tea, hou de asian art and fine teas are a few.

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Claire said

Upton Tea – has a large number of samples as well.

I love upton teas!!!! They have high quality Darjeeling from well-known estates.

Claire said

I recently tried one of their Orthodox darjeelings and it had some fantastic flavor for the price point. I’m really curious to try some of their black teas from Nepal as well!

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momo said

I second Upton, lots of organic teas and the sample sizes are as low as $1 for 15g.

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Sarah select said

I adore SerendipiTea:

They have a decently sized collection of organic teas, many of which can be purchased for $2.50 per .5 ounce.

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Uniquity said

Teavivre has lovely pure teas at extremely reasonable prices.

I really enjoy Davids for flavoured teas, but their oolongs and whites in particular are way over-priced – beware being lured in by the new flashy ones, they aren’t always the best.

52Teas has some excellently imaginative blends. I think they’re a bit expensive for what they are and are quite hit or miss, but at the same time it is a small business and I like to support those.

Verdant has excellent quality pure teas, you will pay more for them though.

Fusion teas does some really neat herbal blends as well.

If you’re out to try a bit of everything, LiberTeas sometimes sells a box of random tea smaples which can give you quite a tea education (or in my case, a huge tea backlog! :D) I think Rachel also offers samples through IHeart Teas?

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Not exactly sure what kind of teas you are looking for, or the quality level. The following will reiterate and confirm what others have stated and share some that I’ve found to be real nice.

Butiki Teas is great

Verdant a little pricey, but great quality for straight teas

JK Tea Shop for variety and excellent teaware options.

Teavivre is very tough to beat on pricing and quality

You could also try – &

Also, for puerh options: &

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darky said

jingtea is exellent not sure tough if they have fast delivery to the us, but i know they ship worldwide

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