Tea Guru David Lee Hoffman needs your support !

Hi All,

There was a posting here about David Lee Hoffman a few months ago, but I wanted to briefly bring your attention to his cause.

As you may know, David Lee Hoffman is the original founder of Silk Road Teas, and the subject of the documentary film “All In This Tea”.

He has recently been involved in a legal struggle with Marin County over THE LAST RESORT, his environmentally sustainable home and buildings in Lagunitas, CA. There is an excellent story in the New York Times about the situation.

David urgently needs your support. Please visit his website at www.thelastresortlagunitas.org for more information, links to the NYT article, and ways you can help.

Thank you.

Matthew London
THE SPIRIT OF TEA (due 2013)

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tperez said

Hi, what exactly is the legal struggle? The Last Resort sounds like a nice, peaceful place, but what is the county’s problem with it? (or David, or whatever?)

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Read the NYT article for an overview.

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From what I read (through the NY Times article) the county doesn’t allow the composting he’s doing and his structures aren’t up to code nor did he apply for building permits. They want him to vacate until he has some sort of sewage set up and the buildings are up to code. They’re worried the compost could pollute a nearby salmon stream…

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He has already addressed the main concerns about sewage by hooking up a “normal” flush toilet to a septic tank, and is working towards addressing other issues on the property. One of the problem is that codes dont even exist for some of the environmentally sustainable things he has built! If you have ever been there, you will know that everything is overbuilt and will be standing long after most normal structures have crumbled.

Thanks again for your attention to this.

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tperez said

Well, sounds like it’ll take more than a few petition signatures to save the place, but you have my support :)

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Oh I just reread my post and I didn’t mean to come off so negative sounding. I think what he’s doing is awesome if you want to live without effecting the environment negatively that should be encouraged not frowned upon. I was trying to answer the question but I came off a bit short in my reply.

I hope he is able to clear up these legal matters and won’t have to vacate that would be so sad. Especially for someone who’s living so peacefully…

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