What's the best teapot type for black tea?

I’m wondering what’s the best teapot type (if at all) to brew black tea (aka red tea in China). I’ve read that a porcelain gaiwan is the best for black tea as none of the notes are lost, but then again I’ve also read that Yixing clay pots give a smoother flavour.

I want a vessel for each type of tea, and the black tea is confounding me!

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Lumpkin said

First, to choose tea utensils, you must know tea characters and follow tea characters, in order to choose the right tea utensils for the right tea. For example, to brew Oolong Tea, purple-clay teapot or lidded bowl is appropriated. To brew Black Tea, round porcelain pot would be better. To brew Advanced Green Tea, glass cups should be chosen, to brew Flower and Herbal teas or Romantic Black Tea, the cocktail goblet would be better. I also read about the tea and teapot on a blog. I can share it with everyone. https://www.umiteasets.com/blog/experiencing-the-teapot.html

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