What's your "cheer me up" tea?

I had a really long day at work. Nothing went wrong it was just busy and my brain didn’t seem to want to turn on. Anyway, I made a cup of my favourite cheer up tea (Mango Diable by DAVIDs Tea) and cozied up with my computer and the world is seeming a whole lot friendlier.
Does anyone else have a tea that always makes them feel better?

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I asked a similar question last week :D

I find myself reaching for either my milk oolong (or any oolong for that matter), or my blend of spearmint/peppermint/chamomile/valerian if I’m in one of my “too depressed to sleep” funks (sipping that one right now, actually. I’ve been in a really bad funk for a few weeks now)

Lapsang Souchong is another really comforting tea for me. It’s one that makes me feel like I’m curled up in front of the fire with an old book, and even opening the tin and filling the air with the scent makes me feel a bit safer, especially during an anxiety attack.

oops, sorry I didn’t see that question! Now i feel silly.

it got buried, don’t worry! (it also didn’t get a ton of responses, haha. you might get more!)

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Birthday Cake Tea! How can one be sad when one has cake tea? It is impossible.

DavidsTea. It’s really good as a latte.

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cuppaT said

Any tea, nice and hot, is comforting to me — even in hot weather. A special “cheer up” tea for me is Bigelow’s Constant Comment; it’s one of those nostalgia things.


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cteresa said

Pleine Lune with honey and milk maybe. or some lychee tea, got a weakness for lychee tea, though don´t know who blends my current one.

Azzrian said

OH I really want to try this one someday!

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Read My Lips – DavidsTea
Mother’s Little Helper – DavidsTea
Custard Filled Maple Long John Honeybush – 52Teas

These are 3 of my favorite cheer me up teas. Read my lips is just fun to look at and I love the milky mint flavor it’s so relaxing. Mother’s Little Helper just relaxes me after being stressed out. And the maple long john….mmmm so comforting. It’s perfect when you’re having one of those days that just makes you want to reach for something sweet!

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Uniquity said

Something black. Unflavoured, preferably with natural cocoa notes. If caramel could make an appearance, that would be nice too. I don’t ask for much, right? : )

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Jasmine Silver Needle either from Teavivre or Verdant is an instant mood booster for me.

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Lynxiebrat said

Pretty much any tea that I like can cheer me up. Though something that can cheer me up way more then tea….is cuddling with my sweetie. Both together? HEAVEN! giggles

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Mother’s Little Helper by DAVIDsTEA is number one for me, with Jessie’s Tea by them as well in a close second. Mother’s Little helper is the most relaxing tea I have found, and Jessie’s just makes me warm and cozy with its coconut flavor.

Also, I get an awesome kind of Zen feeling when I drink Verdant’s Yunnan White Jasmine. It makes me feel crazily serene. :)

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Matcha does the trick for me.

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