To blend, or not to blend?

Do you prefer to blend two teas together, or to drink them straight? Perhaps you drink a specific family straight and blend others?

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I like to experiment. I find what I like, find other similar (or well contrasting) teas and often try a test blend of them. If I like it, great, if not, oh well at least i tried! I enjoy Lapsang Souchong mixed with chocolatey or vanilla black teas. I LOVE cooking with tea too.

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The world of tea is one of infinite exploration it seems haha. Because I’m new to this tea world, I’m still trying to find my favorite tea. A lot of trial and error and spending money to try different teas haha. I’m currently waiting for a Jade Oolong, Lemon Grass, and Spearmint to get here. I’m curious as to what those will taste like blended :3 (maybe not lemon and spearmint, just one at a time)

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lemongrass and most mints go quite nicely together, actually! and lemongrass lends itself well to blending with all kinds of other teas.

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