Broken David's Tea Mug :(

So I recently ordered a handful of teas from David’s along with two of the Perfect Tea Mugs (one clear, one clear with branches) at the end of October. Today my boyfriend brought his to work – and brought it back home again with the stainless steel strainer broken.

He said he was dumping out the leaves and tapping it against the trash can when the bottom detached from the top – which is a huge bummer, considering we haven’t even had the mugs for a month yet. Mine is still intact, and I’ve used it more than he has, too….so I’m wondering if it might be defective.

Has anyone else had an experience like this with a David’s mug? Or any experience with their customer service – good, bad, or indifferent? I’m just wondering if it’s even worth it to send an inquiry their way…

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DaisyChubb said

Definitely send an inquiry – I have like 6 of those strainers and I abuse them pretty much – it’s never happened haha.

They have amazing customer service and will probably send you a new one if it was a recent purchase. It’s worth it :)

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darby select said

Yep, nothing but good things to say about Davids….try and contact them about it.

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Uniquity said

The only thing I’ve ever broken from them (and I have a lot of their products) was a ceramic cup when I knocked it to the ground. I can almost guarantee you that if you contact them via facebook or in store they’ll replace that.

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The same thing happened to my strainer except I definitely knocked it really hard as it was an accident. I contacted them and they said they didn’t have the strainer to send separately and so they sent me an entire new perfect mug set. I was super impressed!

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Thanks guys! I did go ahead and try to contact customer service via their website – I don’t have a facebook page and unfortunately don’t live close enough to a store to go in and see them.
I’ll update the thread to let you know what happens – but I’m glad that overall there have been positive experiences where their service is concerned. I really love my mug and was hoping it was a one off occurrence!

yeah they will totally take care of you :) but good luck sharing one between the two of you in the meantime!!

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