forsythia said

Price of my tea going up again!

Today I paid $5.99 for a 3.53oz.tin of Lady Grey. Was $3.99, then $4.99 the last time I bought it. :(

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cteresa said

Every single food item seems to be going up in my parts of the world – just a bit for a few things particularly local things, but others like cocoa or cooking chocolate, wholesale spices, and fish, noticeably. And not much consolation, but at least you can get Lady Grey, the local importer seems to have disappeared, we can get now very little Twinings tea and not easily :(

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K S said

I feel your pain but…

3.53oz = 100g,
100g/2.5g per serving = 40 servings
$5.99/40 = $0.15 per serving
2 steeps per serving = 7 1/2 cents per serving

Coke = 50 cents per can
Starbucks $2 per serving
Twinings is still a bargain!
Ah, fun with math.

forsythia said

Well, that’s one way of looking at it. :)

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Wonks said

At least it’s still cheaper than cigarettes.

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