Now that TeaLuxe is gone...

Now that TeaLuxe is closed permanently, can someone suggest some reputable places to order tea online in the United States? Currently my only source is Harney & Sons- this is the quality I’m looking for. I don’t care for Simpson & Vail.

Many thanks.

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Adagio (
Red Blossom Tea (
Upton Tea Imports (
Silk Road Teas (
Whispering Pines Tea Company (

All are good, with many high-quality options.

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David Pate said

I like Verdant a lot. They’re a Chinese tea co-op but they ship from Minneapolis. I really like their Fujian oolongs. Not really cheap but very nice teas, imo.

I’ll second Upton. Incredible selection at reasonable prices. Their catalogs are great reading.

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LuckyMe said

+1 for Verdant Tea, I love their laoshan teas and they offer samples of everything, Rishi is another good US based tea company with a vast selection of straight tea and blends,

I haven’t ordered from them in a long time but I believe Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company is still around.

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