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Names for shapes of tea cups?

Does anyone have a link to somwhere on the web that discusses what are the traditional shapes of tea cups? I have some books on my amazon wish list, but I was hoping for web links that give a name to some of the things I buy off ebay, lol. Like the differences between these, for example:
I know which ones I prefer, but don’t know what the shape is called. Although currently, my small collection only has a few requirements. Must be English bone china, not have roses, and no pink on it.

Help, please?

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Hey, if you ever get a book with that info, hook a brotha up.
Like, tell me what that book is, or we can do a tea book exchange :P

Meg said

I’ve got these on my wish list so far:
Collectible Cups and Saucers: Identification and Values (Book 3, Collectible Cups and Saucers) [Illustrated] (Paperback)
~ Jim Harran
Jim Harran (Author)
British Tea and Coffee Cups, 1745-1940 (Shire Library) by Steven Goss

couldn’t find much else.

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I believe each pottery coins their own names for their shapes. A teacup’s manufacturer is instantly recognizable just for it’s shape. The only overlap that I know of is when a company is acquired by another. For example, the “Dainty” shape is a Shelley design, but Royal Doulton/Royal Albert purchased Shelley and then started making some Royal Albert teacups in a similar (not exact) design.

This website on Royal Albert is packed with info, including cup shape names:

“Shelley Tea Ware Patterns” by Sheryl Burdess is fabulous sometimes has shape names in the descriptions

Very good info on the potteries:

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I realize this is an older blog, but thought I’d chime in because cup and saucers are my greatest weakness. When it comes to finding the shape names of cups/saucers, I’ve found the best thing to do is to search for the brand name + cup shapes. As Annelise mentioned, each company has its own list of shape names. This has been pretty successful for me.

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