Jackie said

Bags, Sachets, etc.

So I am just getting into buying my tea loose leaf, I have a metal diffuser and a strainer, but I want to make my own bags so that I can give tea to friends that don’t necessarily drink tea or have any of their own teaware. Sooo, I would like to know what people use to make their own bags, I have tried cheese cloth..not my favorite thing to use…

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They sell little paper bags which are very convenient and easy to fill. I have these:


but there are various brands on the market. They work great!

Janefan said

I have t-sacs, which are the same thing. They work ok although sometimes the water wicks ups and drips over the edge of the mug. They also come in a larger size for when you’re brewing a whole teapot. I’ve heard (but haven’t tried) that you can iron them shut. I also know someone who ties them shut with unwaxed/unflavored dental floss! I just fold them over a few time and them put them in a “snack size” ziploc bag if I am transporting/giving them away.

Cofftea said

I have Adagio’s version and they’re great!:)

Jackie said

it’s the same problem with the cheese cloth, the water is absorbed and drips over the side, truly annoying.

Erin said

I too have Adagio’s version. I really like them because they are long enough that they don’t wick the water over the side of the cup. They’re also non-porous enough that they still work great even when you’re steeping Rooibos. Also, they’re a good value and you can toss them in with your compost bin (if you have one. If not, they’re biodegradable so you don’t need to feel guilty about just tossing them in the trash!)


I’ve been using them for a while and have never had any issues with them.

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Dan said

You can buy them anywhere and they work great. I use them at home and carry them with me when I go out.

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SoccerMom said

I noticed some nice tea bags yesterday at World Market. This way you save on shipping.

Jackie said

I work really close to a world market, so i’ll probably stop in and try out the ones that they carry. Thanks for the suggestion !

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I have made up gift “teabags”: t-sacs filled and put in labeled zip top plastic bags.

-Yes, t-sacs can be heat sealed with a household iron.
-I used the smallest size t-sacs #1’s

-polyethylene FDA food safe approved bags, 3″×3″ ziplock, available from
(some controversy as to using plastic bags – I looked for food safe)

-labels: 80up mailing labels (Staples brand / Avery ) printed with the label making function of my word processor. (MSPublisher or MSWord … OpenOffice)

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i wonder…iron the t-sac and then sew a string on and cup the part that will flap over, or flap it over and then sew…..

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Cofftea said

Unfortunately it’s sold out at the moment, but the Tea Click from www.teadesire.com sounds great to keep your bags closed!

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