Matcha in cold water?

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Matcha with cold water does taste less bitter. Before making into hot Matcha Latte, I usually use small amount of 70 celsius water- if the water is too hot, the green tea would taste bitter, to mix the matcha, and add cold/hot milk or pure soy milk, a vegan option : ) into the condensed matcha juice. It becomes the morning drink for me with breakfast!

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LuckyMe said

Thank you for starting this thread. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to try making matcha with cold water but I did it and it resulted in the best iced matcha ever. All of the flavor was there without the astringency. The flavor profile is similar to cold brewed loose leaf tea which has little to no bitterness and the best part is unlike other cold brewed tea, with matcha there is no waiting involved!

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Have any of you tried matcha mixed with pineapple or orange juice? Soooo good!

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