Best darjeeling tea?

What is everyones favorite darjeelings? I love adagio, how do those stack up?

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Nicole said

Never had Adagio’s. Kally Tea’s Summer Darjeeling (a 2nd flush but not sure which estate or if it is a blend) is quite lovely and smooth. Harney & Sons’ Singbulli Oolong Darjeeling is very tasty.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the company, but rather the estate, but Sourenee Darjeeling 2nd Flush 2012 (my first sample came from Granville Island Tea Co but I have more on the way from another company) is pretty much tied with Kally’s Summer Darjeeling for my favorite at the moment.

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Javan said

I really like the Makaibari estate 1st and 2nd flushes which I purchased through silver tips tea last year. They are delicious.

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Darjeeling Tea Lovers has some of the very best Darjeeling teas I’ve ever tried … and I’ve tried a lot.

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Donna A said

I purchased the Premium Darjeeling Sampler from Upton Tea Imports. Each of the 4 samples is 35 Gm and comes in its own tin. So far, I have had TD88 Thurbo Estates FTGFOP1 Cl./Tippy 2nd flush and TD54 Thurbo FTGFOP1 Tippy/Cl 1st flush and can highly recommend both. The other 2 which I haven’t tried yet,are TD75, a 1st flush from Glenburn Est and TD 74 1st flush, from Tumsong. The Glenburn Estate from Butiki Teas is outstanding too. Butiki’s Glenburn Estate Moonlight is also on my list to try based on other reviews.

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Excelsior said

Common logic would suggest if the Darjeeling tea is from the same estate, is of the same flush, is of the same grade (i.e.) SFTGFOP, it should taste the same regardless of the tea retailer. I wish this were true but it is not. Theodor, TWG, Lupcia, Upton, Thunderbolt , provide good Darjeelings but I stll believe Mariage Freres is the gold standard. For 2012 my favorites are 1st Flush Namring, Castleton, Margaret’s Hope, and Ambootia. The taste and flavor change eah year and back in 2011, my favorites were 1st flush Jungpana. Namring Upper, Margaret’s Hope, Castleton, and Bloomfield,

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