obritten said

Lots of puerh and yixings

Hi all,

I’ve been a longtime member of steepster but haven’t posted in awhile. It’s time for me to sell off a decent amount of my collection. I’m in a position where I’d rather have the money. There are many good cakes here. Some of the cakes have been lightly sampled so I will note whether it’s a full cake or not.

2003 Changtai Yichanghao Yiwu 220g $75

2010 XZH Best Old Tree(Upper Cave Man Art Club) Lincang 372g SOLD

2009 Lao Ban Zhang premium raw originally from Yunnan Sourcing 225g $160

2007 Xizihao Zhenpin Kuzhushan full cake SOLD

2004 Yangqinghao Zhencang Chawang 356g SOLD (This is from another seller in Taiwan and is more wet stored)

2005 Mengyang Guoyan Lao Ban Zhang 356g $150

2015 Baohongyinji Dongji Jingdian Zuopin Yiwu State Forest Full Cake 380g (Premium Taiwanese Producer) $160

2017 Biyunhao Yiwu Small Tree Full Cake 357g SOLD (Teas We Like sells the 2019 version

2007 Xizihao Autumn Guafengzhai 202g (Very potent tea) $200

2015 Yunnan Sourcing Autumn Mang Zhi 238g SOLD

2015 Man Zhuan Ancient Arbor 235g SOLD

2015 Hailanghao Gao Shan Chen Yun Yiwu Full Cake $30

2011 Xizihao Classic Pasha 374g SOLD

2002 Zhong Cha 7542 Wet Stored (From Beautiful Taiwan Tea Crafts) $65

2017 Vesper Chan Mengsong 100 year trees Full cake (200g) $35

2011 Tea Urchin Autumn Gao Shan Zhai 326g $50

2007 Chen Yuan Hao Yiwu Brick 224g $120

2008 Chen Yuan Hao Ming Jing Youle Xiaoshu Full Cake $65

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obritten said

All cakes will be shipping from Minnesota and have been dry stored. Most have been stored in a pumidor. If you have any questions or want to make an offer please message me.

Skysamurai said

We definitely need a MN tea club… I know we’d have enough people. It’s like we are doing the MN nice thing and not trying to step on the toes of coffee drinkers but we shall take over muahaha

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obritten said

Yixing Pots

Late 80s-Early 90s Neiweizong xi shi 100 ml $160

Green sticker period nian gau tu hongni shui ping 65 ml $230

Green Label 80s Red Qing Shui Ni bale 160 ml (Great clay but the craftsmanship is not the greatest; imperfections around the inside rim) $200

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m2193 said

Is anything still available?

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obritten said

Hi I apologize for not updating this. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve just edited what has been sold and what is still available. Please reach out if you have any interest!

m2193 said

Sorry I didn’t see your message earlier! TeaForum doesn’t provide notifications when you get messages for some reason. Replied on there

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mrmopar said

Do you still have the 2015 Hai Lang Hao Gaoshan Chen Yun?

obritten said

Hey good to hear from you! I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been checking steepster for awhile. The HLH is still available if you are interested.

mrmopar said

Yep, interested.

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