darby select said

Mystery Tea Party!

Ok, so I’m in charge of planning our yearly tea party at church. The group that does this in mostly 50-80 years old (I’m 37). The group is trying to encourage younger members to join so I was trying to come up with something appealing and thought of a mystery tea party! I’m not going to “bump” anyone off, but rather have the Queens crystal teapot stolen.

Has anyone ever hosted a mystery tea party? I did find a lady online that has this one which I figure I can edit:

Just looking for more ideas if anyone has any?

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yssah said

kinda expensive for a book. im guessing that you let them taste each tea and guess what’s in it?

as suggested in another thread on tea parties, you might need to have multiple teapots to hold the different teas…and tea warmers too (kinda like aromatherapy burners with tealights underneath). you can offset the cost of that by selling the used-only-once teapot+warmer to whoever is interested in the audience.

you might want to get tea shops to sponsor your event. maybe you can get free tea samples for the tasting. and they can sell their teas on the spot :)

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What if each tea name or flavor had some sort of clue to who the thief is? Like Earl Gray, it’s somebody wearing gray, a tea with a flower note-the thief has a flower in their hair…

I dunno, nobody ever accused me of having too big an imagination Haha ;)

That sounds like a good tea tie-in!

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A large pot per table of 4-6 would be my suggestion. If you have the help in the kitchen, you don’t need to worry about warmers, just don’t set out more tea in the pot than the group will go through at one time and have servers go back and forth with full pots to refresh, or just hot water if you leave the infuser baskets or teabags in the pots.

Be sure to have water or punch on the table as well, for those who don’t care for tea or don’t think they do. :)

The mystery aspect of it, I can’t offer much advice on. My little group has been meaning to do a mystery tea but hasn’t gotten around to it yet. All I’d suggest is to keep it simple since you are dealing with a wide range of ages.

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darby select said

THANKS!!! Keep the ideas coming. Really need some advice on the mystery party of it now.

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