pcheolsu said

What is the waxy flavor I taste in green tea?

I can’t really identify flavors as I’m new to this, but I notice when drinking green teas that are considered quality, there is a waxy flavor. It isn’t bad. Just reminds me of flavorless wax (I used to use such wax on braces back in middle school). Of course, this doesn’t sound like a good flavor and I don’t see any sellers describing their tea as waxy, so I wonder, does anyone know what I’m talking about and how I should describe it?

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If haven’t you might try doing a quick rinse steep first.

Do you taste it in all green teas or just specific countries of origin/styles? I’ve heard people describe the buttery quality of some Japanese green teas as “waxy” before.

pcheolsu said

japanese green tea. buttery is a nicer way to describe it. thank you! i didn’t like using waxy because that sounds bad. i just didn’t know how else to describe the thickness. as if a small amount of wax had been melted into the water. it’s a slick, viscous feeling

LuckyMe said

Maybe you’re referring to umami? The umami in Japanese greens is thick, savory, broth-like. It’s about the closest thing I can think of to what you’ve described.

Chinese greens sometimes have this starchiness that could be considered wax-like but I haven’t encountered it in Japanese green tea.

pcheolsu said

i’m thinking it’s that. i only taste it when i buy the pricer loose leaf japanese green tea. and it doesn’t taste like wax, i just don’t know how to describe the taste, so i tried to describe the feeling. it is thick and savory. in fact, when Roswell Strange mentioned buttery, that was a better description. it doesn’t taste like butter, but the thickness is more like fat melted into the tea instead of wax

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