Anyone happen to have a Fiesta teapot?

I just bought a 44oz Fiesta teapot, along with cups & saucers, plates, cream & sugar… it makes a lovely set. I am extremely happy with it all.

However, it’s my first teapot that didn’t come with a strainer, and none of my current strainers reach low enough into the pot to brew tea, as it’s a bit on the tall side. Currently, I am brewing in my larger Bodum press and then decanting into the teapot… which means four vessels for each cup of tea. (Kettle, press, pot, cup.) I’d really like to find a way to brew in the pot without straining each cup. Many of the strainers I see online don’t list exact dimensions, and I haven’t found many large bags/balls for pots.

If you have one, what do you use? Anyone know of a taller pot-sized infuser? Large pyramid bags? Any ideas I haven’t thought of?

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darby select said

I have one! What I do for my pots without an infuser (most bone china don’t either) is to use the tea bags that you can fill with loose leaf. For the 44oz I’d probably use two medium sized so the tea has more room.

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I’ve been looking at the T Sacs. Maybe I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

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I still remember the first “formal” tea I ever attended, at my Great Aunt’s apartment overlooking Central Park in New York City (before being allowed to go I had to be drilled to learn to call her “Awnt”, not “Ant”). When she poured tea into her bone china cups, she had a small conical metal strainer that she would place into and seat on the lip of the cup to keep the tea leaves from going into a cup.It even had it’s own little cup that it fitted into after being used.

Since then I’ve seen them even in tea stores in Chinatown, so I guess it’s a universal tea implement. Same principal as an in pot strainer but you move it to each cup when you pour. That way you can let the tea leaves open and circulate freely in the pot and get a better brew than you would with a strainer.

And besides, it’s another fun tea toy to add to your collection.

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