Sare said

Best tea for Anxiety?

So this weekend has been so rough on me. Found out my grandmother is slowly passing away and she has dementia so she’s not even remembering who I am… Yesterday I had a full blown anxiety attack and ended up on a bunch of medication so I can even function without bursting into tears at everything.. and my parents are telling me that she is so bad that they think it best I remember her the way she is and not go see her.. So of course that’s not helping.. I’m trying to Not loose focus on what I love and Love to do and so I keep forcing myself to drink tea even though at some points in the last two days I have not even felt like dealing with it.. Does anyone have any advice on some good tea to drink when you’re down? Something that lifts your spirits?

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I went through this search over the last 2 years (grandma and great aunt) my heart goes out to you.
I often will go for a lavender blend.(lavender is good for helping sleep, reducing anxiety, and other healing-from- trauma issues) my current one being a lavender sencha I was sent in trade. A good Hojicha or Genmaicha (sencha,Hojicha and Genmaicha are all greens) and is always comforting a go-to for me, as well as Sense of Peace (white tea blend by Zhena’s Gypsy Tea) Also, a good spicy chai helps.

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Novi said

Hun, I hope things get better for you!

I have minor anxiety attacks a lot, and I find that a good chai often helps… especially with frothy milk or whipped cream. Dairy always makes me feel better. And I also think that right now may be the time to drink very familiar teas… I find familiarity much more comforting than new teas that taste good.

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Uniquity said

Theoretically, anything with chamomile or valerian root could help if you don’t mind either of those flavours. I personally find mint soothing, but I don’t know that others feel the same way. Anything with St. John’s Wort also should help induce positive feelings. Sorry to hear of your troubles, hopefully your burdens will be lifted soon!

EDIT: As Shayne pointed out, the items I recommended may interfere with medications you’re already taking. Talk to your doc or therapist and see what they have to say. A pharmacist might also be able to help as part of their job is keeping an eye out for potentially bad drug mixes.

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JavaPony and I send you lots of hugs!

I find that drinking my favourite teas out of my favourite mug cheers me up the most. Or filling a travel mug with my favourite tea and heading out to sit at the beach, or in my favourite part of the woods by my house, or out to the barn. Being alone at home and stuck in my head is extremely dangerous so I try to avoid it when I’m having anxiety/stress/depression/low mood issues.

be careful with valerian/st johns wort if you’re taking anxiety meds. they can cause serious issues when mixed with many different medications, so talk to your doctor before trying them.

Uniquity said

Good point! I forgot that she is already on medication for anxiety. With that in mind, I guess my only advice is to speak with your doctor/therapist/whatever about possible relaxants and their interactions.

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yssah said

praying for you…

thanks for sharing, Sare. lavender tea? im not sure about contraindications tho. you can look it up online

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Serenity said

Oh, I am so, so sorry. This is such a hard time for you. ((hugs))
If there are no contraindications, I have read recently that green tea has a soothing and uplifting quality. I have found that while I am super sensitive to caffeine in black teas, it seems as though green teas don’t make me feel that caffeine kick.
I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

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gmathis said

My mom received a similar diagnosis a few months ago. It is hard.

Tulsi is my anxiety/stress tea of choice. I have yet to find a “magic bullet” tea that makes me sleep well (I envy folks who can fall out after a cup of chamomile or valerian), but tulsi, with a little lavender is at least effective to take the knots out of my neck.

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Katiek said

Very sorry to hear this. To me, my favorite teas are always the most comforting – not because of any chemical causes but in that “mashed potatoes comfort food” sort of way. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

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I always seem to turn to floral blends like rose or jasmine (particularly jasmine pearls) when stressed. Hope things begin to look up for you.

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Lazey said

I used to have really bad anxiety, for years I couldn’t drink any teas with caffeine in them. Decaf black tea with a teaspoon of lemon was one of my favorites.

Lavender seemed to help me more than chamomile, St John’s wort or valerian root. A milky lavender tea, hot or cold, is really good for anxiety. Traditional Medecinals has a tea that was really good, Easy Now I think it was called, lavender, chamomile and I forget what else. Of course check with dr to make sure it won’t interact.

Hang in there hugs

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