DongBei said

Best place to offload some/all of my tea collection?

There is a very good chance that my family will be moving to India, and apparently they don’t take very kindly to bringing tea into the country, especially Chinese tea.

I have a decent assortment of aged white teas, puer, oolong, etc. etc. — nothing super fancy, more daily drinker-type quality.

Any ideas where I can offload a collection like this?

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Kingfisher said

I know its informal, and maybe it makes me a bit of a pirate but I would take it. Aged whites and pu’erh are my happy place. Bummer you cant take it with you.

DongBei said

I can’t afford to just give it away since I’d have to reinvest in Indian tea, haha.

Tiffany :) said

I’d be interested in aged whites and oolong and green:)

DongBei said

What would be the best way to get in touch?

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