Wanna swap tea with a newbie?

Hi all! I’m semi-new to tea. I’ve always enjoyed drinking it but only in the past 6 months have I started collecting it and drinking it multiple times a day. I’ve found many great teas that I love through Steepster reviews! (Thanks for helping!) I always want MORE though-I love to taste different teas. I have a big enough stash now that I’d like to offer up a list of trades in exchange for stuff you have and don’t want that I might like to try.

Anyway, here is the list of what I am offering-

David’s Tea:
Persian Apple- 10g
Citron Oolong 20g
North African Mint 20g
Cream of earl grey (small unopened tin from a gift set, 5-10g)

Butiki Teas:
Plum Pudding- 2tsp (enough for a generous sized cup)

Harney & Sons:
African Autumn- travel tin with 4 sachets

And here is stuff I am interested in trying-

Matcha, any kind plain or flavored (I’ve never had it before!)
Lapsang souchon (I’ve also never had it but the smoked flavor sounds appealing)
Random flavored black, oolong, green or white teas (not a big fan of rooibos)
Tasty Herbal blends


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Oh, and add one cups worth of Butiki tea’s DELICIOUS Cantaloupe and Cream to my swap list! It’s GOOD!

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Dustin said

I’m interested in trading for the Butiki tea you have. I haven’t tried them yet. Check out my cupboard and see if there is anything you find interesting. I think it’s pretty up to date.

I’d be down with trading a 2tsp serving of each of the butiki’s I’m offering for a serving of each of the red leaf flavored matchas in your cupboard :)

Dustin said

Sounds great! I’ll follow you so we can PM postage details.

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T.C. said

I’d love to swap for some:
Persian Apple
Citron Oolong

Following you, feel free to check my cupboard and PM me


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I’ll swap some of the teas in my cupboard for whatever you have, I’m a newbie to the tea scene too and I am trying a whole bunch of new stuff! PM Me.

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yssah said

haha, you probly have too many swaps going on already but if you have anything left to swap and want some really good EG, pm me ;)

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Artp said

Also a newbie- looks like you got some attention already, but I’d like to try that cream of earl grey if you got it.

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the offers for trades :)

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kai123 said

i would swap for some of the north african mint

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