First Yixing

I’m giving in and ordering my first yixing pot today. Well, second. last one was lost in mail during move. Ugh! Anyway. Do any of you have any responses to this one ? I guess its fairly inexpensive but I don’t think teavivre would put out a product they don’t stand behind?

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mrmopar said

I think you will like it. Just remember it is a Chinese one 4.3 ounces, about half a cup for me. Looks to be well made and has the ‘ball’ filter which is a plus.

You do 8 oz cups of pu`erh for yourself?! And then infuse them 8+ times?! That is a whole lot of tea. And each tea time for you requires 6 grams of tea? Haha.
I plan on getting a larger one later for sharing. Currently I don’t have any oolong or pu`erh enjoying friends/family to need much larger capacity. But I like that it has the mass of cups which will come in handy for subsequent yixings purchased without cups. Wish it came with 4 tasting and 4 smelling or whatnot cups. But no!

mrmopar said

Yep I like the big cups! Got a 10 oz one and it is great for my cup, has plenty of room for the leaves to expand and fills my cup up with the pour. You will really like the filter on that one it gives a much better pour than one with just holes in it and clogs up a whole lot less.

That’s a whole lot of pu`erh. Do you tend to do one a day or one over two days? Cause uhm. That’d be around 120 oz of the same pu`erh?
I was deciding between Teavivre and Butiki and remembered the 5 free teavivre samples. Sorry butiki but that helped sway me. Teavivre sample packs are also great.

mrmopar said

Normally about two work days or one weekend day. Get to drink more then.

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Azzrian said

I have this set from Teavivre as well and so far I love mine.

So its Azzrian approved? That is definitely a deciding factor (:

Then of course is the forever debateable question of if one yixing is enough for all oolongs?

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Erin said


I do not necessarily think price is the only thing to go on when trying to evaluate quality. Or even the most important. Almost 10 years ago when I started drinking better teas, you could get really nice pots on eBay for starting at $8, and maybe going up to $30 for really large/ intricate ones. At the time I was able to compare them to ones that a friend had bought for a lot more money, and there was no difference.

I think the only reason we see them going for so much now is simply greater demand. The quality does not seem to have changed much, but the prices sure have.

And I agree with you, I would put some trust in what Teavivre is selling.

Thanks for the response. Yeah it is true that the demand is far higher now than 10 years ago. As much as we complain about teavivre we must recognize that they were a large part of this trend.
I went with that exact yixing pot. I want the extra cups for later pots and it comes with 10! Now will only “need” matching smelling cups or whatnot.
Teavivre is great. They even called me to confirm my order and shipping address.

Lala said

Don’t forget, you will also need some new tea for that new pot :)

I ordered TONS of samples from them. Their selection of samples and sample packs put me in sample heaven. I also already have some oolong

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I was eyeing that set too, as well as the gaiwan sets. Trying to decide which one to get first!

Get a gaiwan first. More flexible as you can use the same one for oolong, pu`erh, and any other of your gongfu needs. you can find cheaper Gaiwans too. I found mine for 5$

Uniquity said

Unless you drink a lot of the same tea, a gaiwan is the better piece to start with. I’ve been drinking loose leaf for years and still don’t have need for a yixing, as I rarely drink the same kind of tea with any regularity.

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