Brendan said

Tea and Food pairing

Whats some of your favorite dishes to eat with Tea or using Tea in the recipe?

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I love drinking floral teas and blends with chocolate. Rose and jasmine especially. Pingshui and Genmaicha are great with omlets. I was surprised to find that tea with lemongrass goes well with chocolate chip muffins.

I haven’t tried cooking with tea yet but I really want to try using jasmine tea to make rice with.

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Cofftea said

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Marie said

Robust teas to cut through robust flavors of heavier meals. Lighter teas for delicate snacks and foods. I’m not as fond of heavily flavored teas with meals, as I feel it can sometimes compete with the meal. If I’m focusing on the tea, then everything else will answer to the cherished brew. Otherwise, if it’s the other way around, than it would be beneficial to choose the tea with care. Very similar to wine selections and pairings I feel. Perhaps you were looking for something more specific?

My favorite right now is to pair a nice robust black tea that hold up to some cream and sugar, and meet it half way with a plate of full flavored tea sandwiches and scones. Artisanal Boule with a good pate, or liverwurst. Sourdough with creamy butter and pinch of sea salt, occasionally with strawberry jam. English chedder and chutney, herbed cream cheese with cucumber, curried egg salad, chicken salad with dried cranberries. I find light teas struggle to hold up to these types of flavors, and often get lost on the palette. I need to get to a teahouse now asap! ;)

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Will said

Personally, I prefer to drink tea before or after or between meals. If given the choice, most of the time I’ll drink hot water rather than tea with a meal, but if I can choose, I will usually prefer something fairly neutral that’s unlikely to distract too much from the food. I am not a big fan of using tea in food either.

Likewise, if I’m drinking tea, I don’t usually eat much, but if I snack, I’ll tend to prefer something that’s fairly bland and unlikely to mess up my palate too much.

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Meghann M said

I’m like Will, I drink my tea before, after and in between meals. I drink iced teas occasionally with my meals.

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I have digestive concerns where I cannot drink and eat a full meal at the same time, but I’ve enjoyed “snack” pairings. There are certain cheeses that go well with certain teas, certain types of breads and grains that complement tea. Brie, crusty french baguette slice and lapsang souchong is a favorite. Jasmine green pearls with a fruity/tart Dublin cheddar is also nice. A strong English Breakfast pairs well with a whole-grain and mid-range cheeses like asiago. Pai Mu Tan with a mild monterrey jack. Rooibos bourbon with parmesan or provolone.

Assams, ceylons, and the stronger black teas with red meats and grilled veggies. Greens with fish and fruit. Tisanes, whites, and fruited varieties with poultry.

Just like wine – there are lighter and darker wines, darker does well with ‘heavier’ foods and levels of spice, the inverse with the lighter ones.

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My ‘comfort food’ tea/food pairing is the very British tea and toast. This morning having a robust black and whole grain toast dripping with butter and honey (particular about the honey: Swan’s Maine Beekeeper Raw Unfiltered Wildflower Honey).
I really SHOULD own this teapot:

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