Chuckieroy said

Teas for cough/ sore throat/ cold

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on teas that would be good to soothe a cough sore throat and cold. I have a long day of work tomorrow which will consist of about 8 hours of straight talking. Any suggestions would be amazing!

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Lala said

I always use honey for a sore throat. Either eating it plain, or putting it in my tea. I often do lemon tea with a spoon of honey in it.

Strong ginger works well for a cold because it clears the sinuses. The only bad thing is, it makes your nose run.

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Anything lemon, ginger and honey. Honey is really good for the throat!

If you are crazy like I am, I just brew up straight fresh lemon, grated ginger and lots of honey. Maybe some cayenne when I’m desperate and like to hurt myself to feel better.

Tea wise, I found when I had bronchitis, pu’erh did wonders for loosening my throat vs. other teas

Alphakitty said

I love making fresh tisanes—surprisingly enough, a few leaves of basil in with ginger/lemon/honey make it extra delicious

The grated ginger/fresh lemon/honey drink is my favorite too! Perfect for sore throat or sinus crap. As hot and as gingery as you can stand it!

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To ease my throat when it’s sore, or when I’m coughing a lot, I constantly drink chamomile with honey.

If you’re in the NYC area, some stores in Chinatown sell a Korean remedy made of honey and ginger slices. My mom takes a large scoop of it and puts it in hot water. Good for both the throat and sinuses (so I hear).

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Chuckieroy said

Thanks for the help everyone! Having a peach and ginger tea right now and my throat is already feeling a little better!

Kiwi delight. I will have to look into that when I move to the city at the end of may! It sounds amazing!

Sorry it took so long to reply. I had planned to take pictures and kept forgetting. Hopefully these will help you a bit when trying to search for the remedy.

Here’s the jar and front label:

And this what the stuff looks like:

nice! reminds me of the Natural Honey Loquat Syrup I got a while back that did wonders for cough, immune boost, general cold remedy.

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Dustin said

I forget who makes “Throat Coat” tea but it has lots of licorice root in it, so I’d guess something with licorice root would be good.

forsythia said

That’s the tea I was thinking of Dustin but couldn’t remember the name of it. I used to have some indiv. tea bags but if I recall they were pretty old and I tossed them some time ago. I do remember it tasted kinda yucky, so it must be good for you. :)

Throat Coat is by Traditional Medicinals. But I like Gypsy Cold Care and Echinacea Plus better. My favorite licorice tea is Aveda’s Comforting tea.

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Dinosara said

You could look for a blend with Slippery Elm in it, which I recently learned provides a soothing throat coating when steeped.

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Chizakura said

Have you tried hot water with honey and lemon? When I had a cold recently it really did wonders. Wouldn’t be suprised if it was partially the reason I got better so quickly! :)

But if you really really want to drink tea, either have lemon tea with honey, or have a spearmint tea with honey. Those both work like a charm as well. :)

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sandra said

hot water with salt (works as an antibiotic for troat infections.) to rinse away, I’d suggest a strong black with honey. Nothing with milk, as milk triggers salvia production.

keep well

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It’s a little late for you now, but to have on hand in the future, Sore Throat Soother from is very nice. It works. It tastes pretty good. It’s $3.50 an ounce, which would make many, many cups for you!

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Uniquity said

Mint. It’s always mint with me. Lemon, ginger and honey are also all helpful.

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