The First Cup of Tea

So I’ve heard the story of the legendary “farmer” in China who discovered the first cup of tea over 5000 years ago after accidentally poisoning himself and then being cured when some leaves from a near by tea tree fell into a pot of water boiling on his stove. I’ve also heard the story of the Chinese emperor (again, thousands of years ago) who first discovered tea when “refreshing leaves” fell into his cup of hot water on a warm spring day. I’m curious to know what others have heard with regard to the first cup of tea, ever.

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Hi Cloudwalker,

The farmer is Shen Nong, who is the emperor of five gians. There is a famous saying in China. Sheng Nong needed to taste over hundreds of herbs by himsefl, and encountered seventy kinds of toxic substances in a single day, only the tea leaves can detoxify these toxic substances. here is Shennong description in wiki for you.

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Jillian said

There’s one I read about that is regarding a monk (Buddist monk maybe?) who was determined to meditate for some ridiculously long amount of time without ever sleeping. Eventually he found himself getting tired and he dozed off. When he woke up he was so angry with himself that he cut off his eyelids and flung them to the ground – where they lay the first tea bush sprouted.

And that’s why tea keeps us awake and alert. :D

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I have heard the second story you mentioned about the Emperor.

Jillian ~ I like your story.

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