Glass stovetop kettle

I’m looking for a good glass stovetop safe kettle. Does anyone use one that they like and recommend? I currently have a stainless kettle, but I fear it might be lined with some kind of plastic because it smells funny at high temperatures.

I’m looking at maybe this kettle-

Or maybe this one because is it larger

Or maybe this one because it is inexpensive

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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Lala said

I have the Alasdair glass kettle from Teavana.
Works really good. Great for when you want to steep tea inside the kettle and watch it, like with flowering teas.
When using glass kettles you need to make sure you have a flat top stove, like a glass top. If you have coil burners, the kettle may crack when heating.

Dang, I have the coil kind! :/

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Will said

It’s cute!

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Lynxiebrat said

Would a stove that has burners like flat plates work? I currently have a glass top but moving to a place in the next 8 months or so that has flat plates burners.

You could always use the glass kettle for steeping, that’s what I would do as an alternative:)

I just found out about this nifty gizmo that should allow us to use glass kettles on any stove top! I still need to pick out my new kettle though…too hard to decide!

Lala said

The problem with a coil burner is it does not heat the glass evenly so it can crack. So if the heat is somehow evenly distributed it wouldn’t be a problem.

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Rachel J said

I am trying to decide on a glass kettle right now. Did you pick one yet?

I don’t want it too big, so those inexpensive 2 quart ones are out. I only ever make at most 24 ounces of tea at a time, and since part of the fun of a glass kettle would be that I could just toss the leaves right in, I wouldn’t want it to be 3 to 4 times larger than I would ever use.

I guess I’m undecided right now between the one Will recommended:

and this one:

The Grosche is pretty, but the handle looks kind of scary, and the Chinese one’s handle is kind of huge! Decisions…

I haven’t made up my mind yet either…if you get one let us know how you like it! :)

Rachel J said

OK, I’m so excited. I came up with a different solution. My reason for wanting glass was so it wouldn’t rust or impart metallic flavors… not so much that I needed to see the water boiling. I also wanted a kettle small and simple enough to be able to clean the inside if necessary or at least see the inside clearly. Also wanted it pretty small so it wouldn’t be cumbersome to fill and pour from like the kettles I’m used to. After brainstorming a while, I suddenly remembered what we used to boil water in when I was a kid, and I came up with the perfect solution for me!

Picked up one of these in amazing condition on eBay for $25! Ha! It meets all of my requirements. 30 ounces, white, easy to clean and verify that it is clean, no rust or metallic flavors.

I’m so unreasonably excited!

So cute! I actually collect old Pyrex so I can totally appreciate the fun vintage aspect, too :D

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