Can anybody recommend a Tea shop in the San Fernando Valley?

I need to steer an acquaintance to a reputable and knowledgeable tea shop in “The Valley”. Looking for the best quality loose leaf, with staff willing to initiate a newbie – any recommendations?

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Cofftea said

The Places tab is what you’re looking for, unfortunately none are rated yet but here are the 4 that I found when I did a search for places w/in a 10 mi radius of SFV- maybe you could call and talk to the staff before going in.

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Will said

You will be lucky to find one or two such places in the whole LA area, let alone in the SFV. My first pick, and the only place I would recommend without reservation, though it would be a trek, would be Tea Habitat in Rancho Palos Verdes (full disclosure: the owner is a friend). However, right now, their brick and mortar shop is closed while they move into a new location.

You can read a little more about the shop and its owner in the LA Times.

A slightly less enthusiastic recommendation would be Wing Hop Fung, or its higher-priced (but more newie-friendly and closer to you geographically) sister company ‘Bird Pick’. Not all the teas are great, but they do have a few decent teas that are not at all bad, and there is some good starter teaware too. Closest one would probably be Culver City.

I have seen mention of this place, over on the west side recently, but haven’t been there… not sure how good their stuff is.

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