Best tea bags for loose tea?

As an on the go college student, I have found that the best option for me to enjoy my tea is to pre-package my loose leaves and get a hot cup of water from the coffee shop on campus.

I currently have two different tumblers but I seem to only get one brew out of the tea (even if it’s an oolong that I know can be brewed multiple times). I have tried taking the tumbler out, putting it in a baggie and trying again later; I have tried leaving the tumbler in and filling up/topping off. Nothing seems to allow me to get multiple brews in the tumblers.

Recently I purchased 40 or so empty tea bags, filled them with various teas and have been able to fill my cup, go to class, stop again after class to refill, and get a solid second and sometimes third brew.

Does anyone have any advice to make better use of my tumblers or have a recommendation for empty bags to buy?

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I prefer empty disposable drawstring bags, myself. I take them to work!

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Uniquity said

If you don’t mind paper bags, the disposable drawstring bags from Davids Tea are awesome. ( They aren’t quite as roomy as the T-Sacs I used to use but being able to pull the string closed and keep the leaves in is way more convenient for on the go. I also use them at work when my Perfect Tea Mug is full of leaves and I still want more/different tea.

If you are more concerned about room for expansion, the Size 2 T-Sacs (for teapots rather than cups) are fairly roomy. I don’t have a problem infusing with the smaller bags though.

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Just out of interest, do you prefer to buy the tea loose then bag it yourself when desired, or buy the same tea bagged from retailers?

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These are what I use at work:

Six bucks for a hundred of them! Not bad!

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Yogic Chai said

Personally we really like TeaBrew filters. They are biodegradable and compostable. They are fine enough to filter tea and herbs without filtering taste! We have tried several, if not all available in the market, and at least for Chai, TeaBrews seems to work the best.

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I personally use these×7cm-1-2-3-4-5-or-10-packs-/280995229195?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item416c9eee0b but I buy them from Daiso for a $1.50. Maybe theres another site that sells them online for cheaper? Just put tea in and fold over the top.

Though, looking around ebay, theres lots like this that are pretty cheap.

I never had any issues with the tumblers and multiple infusions. My fav one right now is: as you can remove the leaves for another steeping.

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Sally V said

Big fan of David’s Tea disposable bags also but your link is broken. I bought these ones instead which seem very similar to David’s and Prime is always nice:

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Liza Polda said

Hey someone uses metal tea bags? or is it not convenient?

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