forsythia said

Electric vs stove top kettles

I wanted to buy my Mom an electric tea kettle for Mother’s Day because I thought there would be less of a chance of the kettle boiling dry on account of her not hearing the whistle of her old one. Granted, the old one’s lid doesn’t fit tight anymore (NOT Mom’s lid – the kettle) thus doesn’t whistle very loud; but I still wanted her to try an electric one.

Well we shopped today and looked at two electric ones, the last a Chef’s Choice which was very nice. Then she turned to me and confessed that she “didn’t really want an electric one, I like the look of a kettle on the stove and hearing the whistle”. So, I let her pick out one of the Chantal kettles in a shop downtown. I guess I wanted the peace of mind of an automatic shut off feature thus the electric one, but I do like the Chantal.
This is the one she picked out. The porcelain ones were very pretty but I thought a little to heavy plus more pricey.

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Uniquity said

I have a stove top kettle that I like the look of but it takes longer and warms the apartment up too much. I use it in winter and that is about it.

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I like my electric one as it’s much faster and can do variable temperatures, so it’s better for green and white teas. Mine is a Cusinart – it has an auto shut off and beeps when it reached the desired temperature. It doesn’t boil over or boils down dry. If I forget about it, it shuts off.

I don’t have the patience for a stove top kettle and ease of variable temperature kettles is a must have for me.

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Nicole said

I like my stove top kettle but I agree with Uniquity – I don’t use it as much in the summer. I like my electric one as well. It’s just a Hamilton Beach. No variable temp or anything. I don’t know if it will boil dry – it is supposed to shut off – but it will boil over if too full and ruin the heating base. :) I’m on my second one…

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