ashah said

Putting David's Tea Steeper together

Hi everyone,

My steeper was getting stained and I was having some trouble getting some tea smells out of it. I took it apart for cleaning and now I’m having a hard time getting the bottom, black piece back on. Has anyone successfully taken apart their steeper and put it back together? Any tips?


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I don’t think you’re ever supposed to take the pressure plate off, I’m afraid. I’ve never removed the pressure plate on any of the gravity infusers I’ve ever had, they are generally not designed to come off…I just soak the whole thing in bleach for a while.

Hopefully someone else has put it back together successfully. Otherwise, I would take it back to the store, to be honest, and see what they can do for you.

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I’m not really sure what you mean by you can’t get it back on since I dunno if you took the gaskets and everything off/ect. I’m also not quite sure how a DavidsTea gravity steeper goes together since I have the Adagio one, but I’d think they’re all similarily put together, so here’s my best shot.
If it’s anything like the Adagio Ingenuitea I have, there’s probly grooves and tabs in the bottom plate that you have to make sure slot together right. Keep turning the bottom piece until it seems to click together.
It also might be because the rubber/plastic gaskets that seal the bottom valve aren’t put together right. I know the first time I took apart my ingenuitea, I put the gasket that goes around the opening on upside down, so when the little round stopper plug on the bottom settled to seal the thing, it was a very weak/ill fitting seal that leaked at the slightest wiggle. So maybe make sure the gaskets are on properly.

Worse comes to worse, you can also bring it in to a local DavidsTea and have them look at it. They probly use them there and take them apart for cleaning, so they should know how to put them back together. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be able to take one of these apart since how else would you be able to properly clean it?

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ashah said

Thank you both for the reply!

I had originally only taken the pressure plate off and NOT the gaskets. After reading the response, I realized that the little stopper plug had moved and that was why the pressure plate would not seal properly. I removed the filter again and then adjusted the stopper. That solved the problem. Thanks again!

Unfortunately, there are no David’s tea locations near me. However,I’ve noticed they have started opening some US locations. So maybe soon…

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What I find works really good at getting rid of tea smells, without taking the whole steeper apart, is pouring in a teaspoon or two of baking soda. Add some water to at least cover the filter, and swish around. Let it soak, but often the baking soda pulls out the smells pretty quick. Then give a really thorough rinse!

I do this often, especially after using a gravity steeper with tea blends.

I’d second this. That’s what I used to clean mine when I first got it. It was all stained and stinky and baking soda did the trick. Lol.

Kiaharii said

I think somewhere Adagio mentioned cleaning it with a little bit of bleach and water and let it sit. I do this to my Inginuitea when it gets really grody looking from the stains.

Kiaharii – I’m not sure I’d want to use bleach on anything that I put my tea in, no matter how much I know I’d clean it afterwards. Baking soda is just as effective at removing stains/smells and alot safer, imo. ^^

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ashah said

After I took my steeper apart, I made a thick paste with baking soda and water. I left the paste on the pieces for about 5 minutes, then wiped it (to remove the thick tea residue) and rinsed well. It looked new!

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