Is it too late? (yixing seasoning question)

I started making chamomile and ginger tea in one of my favorite yixings a few weeks ago, but for some reason I no longer find the taste appealing enough to drink as often as a regular green or oolong tea. Is it too late to “clear out” the taste of ginger and chamomile from my yixing to use it for an oolong instead? Or have I pretty much sealed the fate of that teapot?

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tperez said

Nah, just give the pot a good boil and re-season it for a new tea :)

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Should be fine. Like tperez said, boiling it will do the work. Chamomile and ginger in my eyes are “clean” kind of herbs (I happen to like them very much too). They aren’t oily, which make it even easier to clean your teapot.

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