Butiki Teas Birthday Bonanza One-Day Sale!!! 3 Contests!!!! July 25th!!

One-Day Birthday Bash Bonanza Sale!!!!!

Stacy Lim, the owner of Butiki Teas, is celebrating her birthday on July 25th. What better way to celebrate than by offering an exciting one-day sale. For all of July 25th we will be offering $10 in free tea for $30 spent on tea, $15 in free tea for $40 spent on tea, and $25 in free tea for $60 spent on tea. Please read all the rules carefully. Also, check out our contests below!

The rules:
*Teawares and accessories will not be counted as a ‘tea purchase’ or as ‘free tea’.
*Free shipping offers do not apply, even if a $75 order is made.
*Free samples will not be offered during this sale.
*There are no individual teas on sale. Please check your shopping cart to make sure it is up to date. We will not honor individual tea sale prices.
*No other special offers or coupons may be used during this sale.
*Purchases that qualify for this sale must be made on July 25th Eastern Standard Time.
*The ‘free tea’ must fall within the dollar limit. For example if you purchase $40 in teas, your free teas cannot exceed $15.00, not even by $.25. No exceptions.
*Please let us know what free teas you would like with your order either in the ‘instructions to seller’ section during check out or in a separate email.
*Failure to follow rules may make your purchase ineligible for this offer.
Please note that the office is closed on July 25th and July 26th and no email confirmations will be sent until Monday. Please allow for 2-4 business days for teas to be shipped out of our office.


Contest #1: Win a $15 gift certificate! The morning of July 25th, we will be posting a set of questions on Steepster in our sale thread. The first person to answer all questions correctly will win a $15 gift certificate. All of the answers can be found on our website, Facebook page, blog, or posted on Steepster.

Contest 2: Win $15 off your next order! Write a haiku about our company or one of our teas and send it to [email protected]. The person with the best haiku of the day will win $15 off their next order. All haikus sent have the right to be used by Butiki Teas as we see fit with credit given. Please send haikus with your name and which tea the haiku is about. For more information about haikus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku_in_English. The winner will be announced on our Facebook.

Contest 3: Win the very first ounce of Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black! All orders placed on July 25th will be entered for a chance to win the very first ounce of Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black from this recent July harvest. We will choose a winner at the end of the day with a random number generator. The winner will win one ounce of our much-anticipated Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black. Once it is back in stock, we will mail this free ounce at least one day before offering it online. The winner will be announced on our Facebook.

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Hmmmm, can’t seem to edit. Wanted to add that our website is: www.butikiteas.com. Also our email is stacylim at butikiteas dot com. Later this morning we will post the questions to contest #1 here.

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TY Stacy for this awesome sale!
Order placed! So much tea, I can’t wait!

Yay! I’m so glad to offer this sale on birthday! :)

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Happy Birthday Stacy!
Can we enter more than one Haiku?

Thank you Terri! Absolutely, send as many haikus as you like!

Do you want each one emailed to you individually, or can they be sent en mass?

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tigress_al said

Happy birthday!! Great timing for a sale! I already had my cart full and was going to make an order today anyway!!! This just made my day!!

Excellent! Perfect timing :) Thank you for the birthday wishes!

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Dexter said

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Do the samplers qualify? or are they considered “sale” teas?

Can we buy them to qualify for free tea? Can we choose them as our free tea?

Thank you! :)

The samplers do qualify. Yes, to both. :)

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We are beginning Contest #1 now! First person to answer all of these questions correctly in this thread wins $15 off their next order. All answers can be found on our website, Facebook, blog, and in Steepster tasting notes. Good luck! Here are the questions:

Name 3 out of the 4 leaf hopper bitten teas that we carry?

After 20 years of aging, what notes can appear in aged oolongs?

Which tea is named after a song by one of the owner’s favorite musicians?

Name one location that a bag of our tea could be spotted at during our recent vacation this June? (hint: check our facebook)

List 2 custom blends that have been added to our site.

Which tea’s name means “green snail spring”?

What does “butiki” mean in Tagalog?

What recently developed tea (in the last few years) has high levels of anthocyanin?

Which tea name references a book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide series?

Which one of our teas would you most like to be stranded on an island with and why?

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Kittenna said

1. Gui Fei Oolong, Mi Xian Black, Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black
2. Some mineral notes.
3. Watermelon Xylophone
4. Makeda Restaurant, NJ
5. Peach Hoppitea, So Long and Thanks for all the liquorice
6. Organic Ancient Bi Luo Chun
7. lizard
8. Purple Tea
9. So Long & Thanks for all the licorice
10. Two Friends, because it’s the best tea EVER!

Kittenna said

Edited to switch answer to #3, oops!

3 is not watermelon xylophone

Kittenna said

Also, for #1, Oriental Beauty is the fourth, since TWMB isn’t in stock right now.

feel free to correct it

Kittenna said

With Open Eyes


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Kittenna said

Killer’s Vanilla! Whew!

Yes!!!! You are the winner! Wow, that was quick. :)

Kittenna said

Haha, I just happened to see your Facebook post and decided to go for it! Opened up a window with your site, blog, fbook page, and Steepster :D I knew the answers to half of the questions without looking them though.

Kittenna said

Also, YAY! :D

Hahaha! I definitely thought it would take longer than that. Here I was thinking some of the questions would be too tough! Good job! :) I’ve put you on our special offer list. Contact me when you place an order and we will refund $15 from your next order.

ackckckc!! I was just getting ready to enter all the answers…congrats Kittenna!

Kittenna said

Yaaay, thanks! Given that I read the rules, I assume that I can’t apply the coupon to today’s pending order :P

Sorry Terri! Kittenna was just super fast today.

Kittenna-Actually, you can. Since it is a certificate it is like money, not a special offer. It can be applied to teas or shipping charges. The winner of contest #2 will not be able to use their special offer for this order though.

Kittenna said

Oh, that’s awesome! I shall do that then. We have a $40+$15 order set to go, just waiting to see if Sil wants in, which would perhaps bump us up to the next level.

Excellent! :)

Yes, congratulations! That was some impressive speed.

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Message deleted by author.

Darn, next time! We still have 2 other contests for today! :)

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Don’t forget to send us your haikus for contest #2!!!

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