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Green tea for icing

The other day at a great Japanese Restaurant here in town I was served a wonderful iced green tea. I asked what tea was used, but they just said ‘green’.

I’m not really a fan of green tea, and have only a couple in my cupboard, so if any of you can share which green teas you ice, it would be a great help to many, I’m sure.


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From the topic name, I thought you were talking about frosting and I got pumped! I got sweets on the brain recently.

I ice many of my green teas – blends with fruit or floral work really well!

My favorite blend to ice is Steep City’s Blushing Geisha yum!

Lupicia also has some really good fruity green tea blends that are very tasty iced!

Matcha just mixed in with water and ice – fantastic and energizing! Often when I was served “green iced tea” at a sushi restaurant, it’s usually matcha.
My favorite matchas are from

All fails, try cold steeping your greens too.

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