mugger said

Anyone just IN LOVE with their electric kettle?

I’d really appreciate if you introduced me to its siblings.

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Me me me. I love my Cuisinart Electric Kettle: I was so against an electric kettle to start but I love this, it has made my life insanely easier.

I have the same one and love it!

Though, I think I need to replace mine sometime as it has been abused by careless roommates who turn it on with little water in it!

Awkward Soul: If the problem is just the base, you can get a replacement for $22US (Cuisinart website).

My review: My first electric kettle and I love it. I can’t compare it to anything other than a traditional kettle on a gas stove. I’m also still somewhat of a tea novice.

$99 seems to be the regular going price. If you are in the U.S., register your email or mailing address with Bed Bath and Beyond 0 they regularly send out 20% off coupons.

I’ve never timed it, but it seems to bring 1.7L to a boil slightly faster than the gas stove top (I’m guessing 5-7 mins); slightly less if half full.

It’s stainless steel inside and out. I’ve never tested the accuracy of the temperature (probably due to that previously mentioned novice thing!).

The mouth is wide enough that cleaning it isn’t too difficult. PBA free, but manufactured in China (someone was looking for one made in the USA, Germany, or Japan). 3 year warranty. I’ve had it since March, use it 1-2 times/day, and so far no problems at all.

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RogersCK said

I am definitely enjoying my Hamilton Variable Temp kettle. Got it for $40 and it definitely made making tea and re-steeping less fussy. I love the fussiness of making tea but I hate over boiling my water and re-boiling for re-steeping so this is definitely a good buy for me. Plus it’s cheap. I just hope it lasts. :)

Is it this one?

How does the keep warm function work? Well? I am thinking about getting it but am still deciding, trying to find one with a temp gauge and one with little to no plastic inside. Oh does it heat quickly and is it pretty accurate? Sorry for all the questions.

sansnipple said

i have that one too, its not perfect, but it’s pretty damn good and like half the price of most of its competitors.

it’s pretty accurate, it does tend to overshoot by about 3-5 degrees, especially when you’re just using a smaller amount of water, but you can just set it a bit lower or wait a minute. I did check with a thermometer and the the temp it shows on the display is accurate. It’s not the fastest but pretty good, like 8+ minutes for a full 1.7L pot, but if you only fill it part way it’s much much faster. (so per volume of water, much faster than a microwave or stovetop kettle) Plus even without the keepwarm function it stays pretty warm for a while and reboils really quick. The keepwarm function stays on automatically for an hour and the temp will dip up and down a fair bit as it just cycles on and off every few minutes, but it’s ok, you can just double tap the on button again to force right back to a boil in a couple seconds. There’s no plastic inside except for the lid (which is nicely insulated so it doesn’t get too hot to touch), and a little silicone nub for the water level gauge (and the company says it’s all bpa-free), no plastic taste or anything at all.

K S said

Echo everything sansnipple wrote. For the price I’m loving it. I don’t set the temp lower to avoid overshooting. I just grab the kettle when it hits the proper temp. If it does overshoot, popping the lid will help drop the temp a few degrees pretty quickly.

That actually sounds pretty great for the price, I was gonna get the Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp but this is like a third of the price and I am not even sure I would like the steeper being in the kettle to be honest. A few reviews scared me, saying it broke down quickly but I think I will just take out a 2 year extended at Walmart for 4 dollars for peace of mind, thanks for the opinions on it.

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darky said

For the european people here on steepster that got a hard time finding an electric kettle thats got temperature settings. I’ve bought one from AEG, its got settings from 60 up to boiling and it lights up in different colors true each temperature setting! I like it alot, tough its not that cheap for a kettle… around 70 or 80€

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Dinosara said

I have two, one for work and one for home, an Adagio UtiliTEA and a Bonavita Gooseneck. LOVE my gooseneck:

Variable temp, programmable to the degree, holds water at temp for an hour. The spout makes for precision pouring that is nice for gongfu.

I too have the Bonavita Gooseneck. It is glorious!

Tealizzy said

I have the Bonavita Gooseneck too! It’s awesome!!

mugger said

I saw someone using this in a video, and I thought to myself “doesn’t pouring the water through a long metal spout cool it significantly?” Has anyone who uses this kettle measured the temperature of the water after it’s poured? I’d worry that with the small amounts you’d pour in gongfu you’d be getting much cooler water than you really want, unless you pre-warmed the spout by pouring out a LOT of water. Or does the spout get hot while heating the water? Now that I think about it, there should be water in the spout at the same or slightly higher level than in the body of the kettle…

looseTman said

+1 The Bonavita looks to be an excellent choice: variable temp control in 1 degree increments 140-212*F plus controlled pour:

After considering several models, I’m torn between the Bonavita and the Zojirushi Hybrid, which features vacuum insulation for maximum energy efficiency (Just 17 watts to keep 4 liters at 195 degrees), built-in timer (Handy for breakfast):

looseTman said

Dinosara, Stephanie, & Tealizzy,
It would be greatly appreciated if you’d post reviews of the Bonavita: Thanks!

Doesn’t the Zojirushi have plastic innards(One review on Amazon said it disintegrated in 1.5 years which is scary)? That would make the other one seem more appealing to me even if the Zojirushi uses less wattage, I don’t think a kettle is gonna bring up the bills to much honestly, I might be wrong though…

looseTman said

Good question.
- “Stainless steel double insulation wall keeps water hot with minimum electricity”
- “Easy-to-clean nonstick interior”
Amazon Customer Reviews:
The reviews don’t all agree on the type of interior material. I’ll ask Zojirushi.

I’ve had mine for at least 5 years and it is still running strong. It gets heavy use from both myself and my husband. It may depend on the model, but honestly I can’t see Zojirushi using plastic for the interior. They make a quality product and plastic just wouldn’t hold up over time. My model has a stainless steel interior with a non-stick coating on it.

If you have extremely hard water like I do, even with the non-stick coating it can be a pain to clean the calcium deposits off. So take the “easy to clean” with a grain of salt. I usually use food-grade citric acid for cleaning and run it through the cleaning cycle a few times, then scrub with a toothbrush to knock any of the more stubborn deposits off.

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Uniquity said

I LOVE my kettle. It is a Sunbeam Variable Temp Electric Kettle that my Dad got me from Home Hardware for $40. Works in five degree increments, quick, quiet, accurate and in celsius. Love it!

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Gabriela said

I have this one….

I love it. It has variable temperatures and it can keep its temperature. It is also very quick and quiet. Highly recommend it.

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I’ve got a vintage Bodum kettle that I love, mainly because I have used it THOUSANDS of times and it still works. I’d definitely buy a Bodum kettle when I need to replace this one. I expecting it to be soon just because I’ve used it so much!

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Chizakura said

I have a variable temp kettle from Breville. It’s so awesome. :) It has the perfect amount of options, and then you can also make it hold the temperature for about 25-30ish minutes at a time. (It’s handy that it shuts off after a while, since I’m pretty forgetful and would probably leave it on all day…) I couldn’t imagine tea making without it.

It’s pretty long lasting too. It gets used a ton between me and my family every day and we’ve had it for ages. (Tea for me, and my family uses it to make their Americanos in conjunction with the espresso machine)

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Tamara said

I don’t have one yet. I currently use my Keurig to make my tea. It doesn’t have a big range of temps so I want to buy something specifically for tea.

I’m torn between getting the Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker and the Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature 1.8-Liter Kettle or the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle.

I’m glad to have read everyone’s replies because I know there is a huge price difference between all three options. If the cheapest kettle is just as nice, then I’ll save the $100+ and spend it on tea!

Chizakura said

I’d just get a variable temp. Nowhere near as expensive as a one-touch, and they’re still a real life saver in comparison to an old fashioned kettle. (or just boiling water in a pot on the stove…)

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